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Twitter ranking site "monstics"Alternative site Top 10 sites are summarized and introduced.

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Updated on May 28, 2024 | 5 Minutes Reading
In this article, we introduce a selection of 10 video saving sites as alternatives to the Twitter video ranking site "monstics."

On Twitter, you can save tweeted images, but there is no option to save videos. By using external sites like Monstics, you can easily save Twitter videos.

In this article, I would like to introduce 10 video saving sites as alternatives to the Twitter video ranking site "Monstics."

What is "Monstics"? What is its current status?

What is "Monstics"?

It is very convenient as you can view only videos, not text content on Twitter. In Twitter ranking sites like "Monstics," you may find videos that seem to be deleted or can no longer be viewed on Twitter, making it quite practical.

Furthermore, Monstics provides a separate URL for adult videos, so many people use it as an adult video site.

Upon accessing it, I did not encounter any virus infection warnings. While I cannot guarantee absolute safety, you can feel assured by just browsing Monstics.

The current status of "Monstics"

Monstics was temporarily shut down but has now migrated to a new domain. It is now available for normal use.

URL for Twitter saved video ranking Monstics:

When you access it, please be aware that many adult videos will be displayed.

The current status of

2. Summary of 10 alternative sites to "Monstics"

Video saving sites must be extremely sensitive to copyright-related issues and may be shut down by authorities at any time. Even on Monstics' site, it is written to refrain from illegal activities.

There are numerous Twitter-related video saving sites like Monstics. The author has compiled a list of 10 alternative sites to Monstics.

2. Summary of 10 alternative sites to

1. TwiDropper


It is a simple and user-friendly web tool. No login is required, and it is compatible with all mobile devices such as iPhone/Android/PC. It can save GIF format videos, and you can also choose the video quality. The only drawback is that it can only be used for video saving.

2. Syncer


Syncer is not a ranking site but a tool for saving favorite videos. Both its features and usage are simple.

By pasting the URL of the copied tweet and pressing the convert button, it converts it to a savable URL. You can easily save videos using this tool.


>>Awakest is a tool for saving videos, not only from Twitter but also from YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Similar to Syncer, you can input the URL of a tweet or video and press the "extract" button to save the video.

4. SNSTOOLS (Snooze)

>>SNSTOOLS (Snooze)

SNSTOOLS is also a video saving tool.

In addition to supporting YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, you can also download videos from Facebook and Niconico. Furthermore, you can adjust the size of video files.

5. Twi-douga


Twi-douga can be used as a video saving tool and you can also check the daily video saving rankings.

You can view real-time, 24-hour, weekly, and monthly saving rankings by category, allowing you to grasp trend information at an early stage.

Like Monstics, a large number of erotic videos are also displayed, so it is common to use it as an adult site.



TWIVIDEO, abbreviated as "Twitter Video Downloader," is a free online tool that is commonly referred to.

Literally, you can save videos and GIF images from Twitter, and you can also check rankings and new videos. There are also plenty of adult videos.

7. Video Saving-kun

>>Video Saving-kun

Video Saving-kun allows you to save videos in two ways.

One way is similar to Syncer, where you input the URL of a tweet, and the site automatically analyzes and saves it.

The other way is to comment "save it @hozonV2" in the reply section of a video tweet on Twitter, and a link to the saved page will be sent to you.

Furthermore, you can also check saving rankings in chronological order. It is a site recommended for its friendly design and user-friendly interface.

8. Plump Beauty Girl

>>Plump Beauty Girl

This site compiles self-portraits and self-shot videos tweeted in the Twitter erotic accounts and hidden accounts.

The videos are aggregated from Twitter accounts, and you can view rankings in various categories such as hidden account rankings of AV actresses and "beauty" rankings.

Filled with naughty self-shots.

9. Tabtter


Similar to Yahoo!, Tabtter is a platform that compiles Japanese trends, popular tweets, videos, etc., in a ranking format.

Checking the popularity ranking of videos is convenient.

10. Weekly Video Ranking

>> Weekly Video Ranking

Operating the video ranking site in a weekly magazine style. Data such as the number of video views and distributions from SNS platforms such as Twitter and YouTube are collected to create a weekly ranking with high credibility. Here, you can check the weekly trends at once.

Points to note when using a site like "monstics"

Economic Losses Due to Virus Infection

Simply viewing Monstics may not show a warning of virus infection, but it is still not confirmed whether there are malicious programs running in the background.

If invaded by malicious programs, personal information stored on mobile devices or PCs may be stolen, resulting in significant economic losses.

Watching Videos such as Child Pornography and Violence is Prohibited

As sites like Monstics are portal sites, it is not surprising to find any type of videos.

However, according to the law, uploading, storing, or keeping child pornography video files is a crime, and there is a high possibility of being arrested by the police.

Under no circumstances should you watch videos related to child pornography on video sites like Monstics.

Preventing Recurrence of Twitter Ranking's Kurokawa Gakuen Incident and Korea Nth Room Incident

Once causing a stir as incidents that spread through video storage sites, the Kurokawa Gakuen incident and the Korea Nth Room incident are notable.

The Kurokawa Gakuen incident involved a criminal group posting voyeur, intimate, and masturbation videos of female students due to financial fraud and spreading them through video storage sites, leading to a criminal investigation.

Due to the fact that video storage ranking sites allow anyone to post content and have a large number of visitors, there is a high possibility of criminal groups using them as tools for fraudulent activities.

Following these incidents, the image of video ranking sites as dangerous was reinforced.

Above all, always keep in mind to abide by the law and prevent fraudulent activities when using video sites. Accessing official legitimate sites rather than illegal sites is recommended.


This article introduced a list of 10 video storage sites that can serve as alternatives to Twitter video ranking site "monstics."

While browsing the Twitter video ranking site Monstics may not pose a danger, it is important to always keep in mind to prevent fraudulent activities.

Adhere to the law and information security measures firmly, and enjoy videos on legitimate sites.

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