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【Alternative options】Gather pirate manga sites like mangapro (manga pro)! Where can you watch live-action adaptations of manga works?

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Updated on May 28, 2024 | 5 Minutes Reading
This article introduces several sites that can be accessed in place of Manga Pro. It also explains the important points of sites where you can safely and easily watch live-action adaptations of manga works, and introduces how to use them safely.

Japanese manga is popular worldwide, with many works being adapted into live-action films. However, it can be challenging for overseas fans to watch these adaptations through official channels. Therefore, this article introduces several sites where you can access manga content as an alternative to MangaPro. Additionally, safety tips for viewing live-action manga adaptations and how to use these sites securely will be explained.

The Current State of MangaPro: Why Can't You Access It?

As of March 2021, MangaPro has been shut down. The reason for this closure is likely due to being an illegal pirate site, leading to complaints from publishers and mangaka.

MangaPro was a pirate site where Japanese manga could be viewed for free, attracting many users. However, pirate sites are illegal and violate copyright laws, leading to concerns about their legality. Complaints from publishers and mangaka have prompted police investigations and legal actions.

Therefore, pirate sites like MangaPro are not only considered illegal but also pose risks such as closure or leakage of user information, making it advisable to avoid the use of such sites. Instead, legitimate manga apps, online stores, rental services, and subscription services offer safe and legal ways to enjoy manga.

Compilation of Pirate Manga Sites like MangaPro

Below are examples of pirate manga sites similar to MangaPro. As these sites violate copyright laws, it is not recommended to access them.



Manganelo is a popular site where you can read manga from various genres, including well-known titles like One Piece, Naruto, and Attack on Titan for free. Similar to MangaPro, it is a pirate manga site. While Manganelo may display numerous ads, one notable feature is the ability to block these ads. However, as Manganelo is a pirate site, it is not legal. In the past, it has faced domain changes and enforcement actions.

②Mangakakalot - Read Manga Online for Free (

②Mangakakalot - Read Manga Online for Free (

Mangakakalot is a popular website where you can read manga from a wide range of genres for free. Its collection includes both popular titles and lesser-known ones. The site's user interface is designed for easy navigation, with a mobile version available for reading manga on the go. Similar to MangaPro, Mangakakalot is a pirate website, and in the past, it has undergone domain changes and enforcement actions.

➂MangaFox (

30 Finest Alternatives to MangaFox for Online Manga Reading in 2022

MangaFox is a website where you can read manga online for free. It offers a plethora of manga titles, allowing users to search by genre, popularity, update frequency, and completion status. Additionally, MangaFox is compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, enabling users to enjoy manga wherever they go.

④Serialized Manga | Manga Park

④Serialized Manga | Manga Park-1

MangaPark is a site where you can read Japanese manga for free, similar to mangapro. It features a simple design and allows users to find manga using a search engine. Furthermore, MangaPark receives frequent updates, constantly adding new manga for readers to explore. However, due to the abundance of advertisements, users should exercise caution as there is a risk of encountering illegal ads or malware.

⑤KissManga - Read High-Quality Manga Online

⑤KissManga - Read High-Quality Manga Online-1

KissManga is a popular site that offers numerous manga titles. Users can search by title, author, genre, latest update date, or highest-rated manga. By registering or logging in, users can download manga from KissManga. Additionally, KissManga features a wide selection of international manga, making it a convenient site for those interested in foreign manga.

These five sites all provide a vast array of manga for free, making them popular among readers. However, it is important to be cautious when using these sites as they are considered pirate sites, operating in violation of copyright laws like mangapro. Users should also be mindful of security risks such as viruses and malware, prioritizing their online safety.

Points to Consider when Using Pirate Manga Sites like mangapro

When using pirate manga sites like mangapro, it is crucial to be mindful of the following points:

1) Respect Copyright

Unauthorized distribution of works protected by copyright owned by manga artists or publishing houses can cause harm and lead to legal consequences. Utilizing illegitimate sites is considered an unlawful act and may result in penalties, making it imperative to avoid them.

2) Prioritize Safety

Pirate sites often aim for ad revenue or malicious activities, posing risks such as viruses, malware, and privacy breaches. Therefore, exercise caution when using such sites, refrain from clicking on suspicious ads, and consider installing security software to safeguard your online activities.

3) Ensuring Integrity

Pirate sites may contain explicit or violent content, so when minors use them, it is important to be mindful of integrity. Furthermore, there is a possibility of encountering disputes with other users or being involved in fraudulent activities, so a calm judgment is necessary when using them.

Top 3 Sites to Watch Live-Action Manga Adaptations

1) Netflix - Indulge in Your Favorite Movies and Dramas!

Netflix is a globally renowned video streaming service that is widely used in Japan as well. Netflix offers a wide range of live-action adaptations of manga titles. For instance, popular mangas such as "Kingdom," "Fullmetal Alchemist," and "Death Note" are available for streaming. Additionally, Netflix also offers original live-action adaptations like "Jujutsu Kaisen 0" and "Andudu."

1) Netflix - Indulge in Your Favorite Movies and Dramas!-1

2) Streaming Live and Online TV and Movies on Hulu (

Hulu is a video streaming service operated by Japanese television networks and film distributors, with a strong emphasis on domestic content. However, it also offers numerous live-action adaptations of foreign manga titles. For example, titles like "The Walking Dead," "Outlander," and "Runway de Waratte" are available for streaming. Additionally, Hulu has its own original live-action adaptations such as "Chaser Game" and "Hanchou: Kannan-sho Azumi-han."

2) Streaming Live and Online TV and Movies on Hulu (

3) Sign Up for Prime Video (

Amazon Prime Video is a video streaming service operated by Amazon, offering a wide range of content including movies, dramas, and anime. It also features a variety of live-action adaptations of manga titles such as "Ghost in the Shell," "Terra Formars," and "Saint Young Men." Additionally, Amazon Prime Video offers original live-action adaptations like "Tokyo Ghoul" and "The Grand Tour."

3) Sign Up for Prime Video (

However, please note that these services may involve charges for viewing and may have restrictions on the content available. Therefore, it is important to check the service details, as well as the fees and terms of use when using them.

How to Download Live-Action Content in MP4 Format?

If you have subscribed to services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HULU, you may have downloaded your favorite works. By using the official download feature, you will understand the various restrictions on downloads. There are various limitations such as the expiration date of storage, the number of downloads, and the number of devices that can view the content. If it were possible to save these contents in MP4 format, you could watch them anytime, anywhere without restrictions.

How to Download Live-Action Content in MP4 Format?-1

Below, I recommend KeepStreams Downloader, a software specialized in downloading streaming videos. KeepStreams is an all-in-one software compatible with over 60 subscription-based video services, allowing you to save videos in MP4/MKV formats, support resolutions up to 1080p, and save 5.1 audio in ACC format.


Reading comics through pirated sites or illegal means not only harms oneself, but also causes significant damage to comic artists, publishing companies, and related personnel. Additionally, pirate sites like mangapro pose security risks, so it is desirable to avoid them in order to protect your information.

Finally, it is important to enjoy comics through legal means. There are legitimate comic apps, online stores, rental services, subscription services, etc. Choose the method that suits you best and enjoy comics safely and healthily.

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