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The current status of Manga Gohan is! Has it been shut down? Here is a comprehensive explanation on pirate sites similar to Manga Gohan.

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Updated on May 28, 2024 | 15 Minutes Reading
What is the current status of Manga Gohan? Is it temporarily closed or permanently closed? If you are unsure of the current situation, please take a look! We will also introduce the current status of Manga Gohan and its official website as an alternative.

Have you heard of Manga Rice (mangagohan)? In fact, Manga Rice (mangagohan) is a pirate site where you can read unlimited manga for free. Many people must be amazed that they can read manga for free. However, sites like Manga Rice that offer free manga are actually illegal sites that infringe on copyrights.

This article summarizes the current status of Manga Rice (mangagohan), whether this site will be shut down, the risks of continuing to use illegal manga sites, and introduces alternative sites to Manga Rice (mangagohan) [illegal/legal].

What is the current status of Manga Rice (mangagohan)? Has it been shut down and replaced by successor sites?

Recently, sites are being shut down due to copyright infringement, and Manga Rice (mangagohan) is no exception. Previously, many people could access "Manga Rice (mangagohan)", but now when you search for "Manga Rice" on Google, you see a site called "Manga Shokudo (mangashokudo)", which recreates dishes that appear in manga.

Therefore, "Manga Shokudo (mangashokudo)" is believed to be a clone site of "Manga Rice (mangagohan)". The name "Manga Shokudo (mangashokudo)" is indeed closely related to "Manga Rice (mangagohan)". Perhaps it means "eating rice at a cafeteria"?

However, "Manga Shokudo (mangashokudo)" is a cooking site created to replicate dishes and recipes from manga, movies, and dramas, unlike illegal manga sites like Manga Rice (mangagohan).

"Manga Rice" has been shut down and resurrected multiple times, so it's still uncertain if it will really be closed now. As a pirate manga site, it's common to keep operating under a different name.

AnchorIs the rumor true that Manga Rice (mangagohan) has been shut down?

AnchorFrequent rumors on Twitter about the closure of Manga Rice (mangagohan)

The reason why there are always rumors about the closure of Manga Rice (mangagohan) is because the site has stopped updating. Manga Rice used to regularly update and upload the latest manga, always providing new manga. However, the updates have stopped recently, and the last uploaded manga is from a year ago, leading to questions on social media about whether "Manga Rice" has already been closed.

Since it's completely unpredictable when sites like Manga Rice (mangagohan) will be shut down, although you can read manga for free, I recommend using legitimate manga sites with the AFJ mark.

AnchorMangagohan is completely inaccessible, shutting down unexpectedly!

Many voices of concern are circulating on social media as Mangagohan, which was previously read, is suddenly no longer accessible.

While Mangagohan may have disappeared from search results, it is uncertain whether the site itself still exists under a different name, indicating that it may not have been completely shut down.

In addition, there is a possibility that illegal manga sites may disappear and reappear from search results.

However, using illegal manga sites poses various risks such as virus infection, personal information leakage, so it is not recommended to use or view such sites.

Illegal manga sites similar to Mangagohan

There is a rumor circulating that Mangagohan, initially popular but closed down after a few months, is the successor site to the illegal manga site "Manga Town."

Furthermore, there are voices suggesting that "Manga Town" is the successor site to the illegal manga site "Mangamura," whose operators were arrested in 2019.

It is still unclear whether this is true, but the succession of illegal manga sites similar to Mangagohan being shut down and opened highlighted the instability of illegal manga sites.

Next, we will introduce manga sites similar to Mangagohan. Here is a list of similar sites to Mangagohan.


Operational Status

Manga Village


Stella's Rome


BANK Comics


Manga Town




Manga Raw (Raw Manga)


13DL.NET Operating
MANGA ZIP Operating
Thousand Manga Operating
Cherry Blossom Manga Operating
Rawdevert Operating
Mangapro Operating


Next, I will introduce some illegal manga sites that are similar to Manga Rice (mangagohan).

MangaRaw――The largest illegal manga site in Japan, still in operation

MangaRaw is gaining attention as the successor site to Manga Village and Manga Bank. Despite being closed once in February 2022, it is still operating under the name "MangaRaw" as of December 2022.

MangaRaw is the largest illegal manga site in terms of visitation in Japan. Similar to Manga Rice (mangagohan), many hit manga titles are being illegally reproduced, with numerous malicious adult-related advertisements placed as well. It is advisable not to use this site.

What is the current status of MangaRaw? Has it been shut down or is it similar to mangaraw, a pirate manga site, explained collectively

13DL――An illegal manga site where manga can be downloaded

13DL.NET is an illegal manga site where manga can be downloaded for reading after downloading, unlike Manga Rice (mangagohan) where manga can be read directly on the site. It continues to operate as of December 2022.

However, it is important to note that downloading manga from pirate manga sites without permission is illegal and may result in a maximum penalty of 2 years imprisonment or a fine of up to 2 million yen.

In order to avoid legal consequences, please refrain from using sites like Manga Rice (mangagohan) and opt for legal manga sites instead.

SakuraManga――Guide in English but manga content in Japanese

Similar to Manga Rice (mangagohan), the alternative site SakuraManga is an illegal manga site operated overseas, with manga titles displayed in English instead of Japanese in the site’s guide.

While the manga content is in Japanese, the titles are in English, making it difficult for many to navigate and find the desired manga.

Just like with "Manga Rice", SakuraManga also features numerous malicious advertisements, which may lead to click fraud risks. It is not advisable to access this site.

Senmanga――Operated overseas, not well-known in Japan

Senmanga, an alternative site similar to Manga Rice (mangagohan), is an illegal manga site operated overseas, much like SakuraManga.

Due to its overseas operation, Senmanga continuously operates by illegally reproducing Japanese manga for long hours without much attention in Japan.

Both Manga Rice and Senmanga contain many malicious advertisements on their sites, which may lead to virus infections or device malfunctions if clicked on.

KL Manga――Currently operated as the successor site to KissAway

KL Manga is gaining attention as a similar site to Manga Rice (mangagohan) and is considered the successor illegal manga site to KissAway.

Many illegal manga sites, like KL Manga, change their names and continue to operate. Due to copyright infringement, sites like "Manga Rice" often receive frequent warnings of closure.

Despite being shut down once, these successor sites often rename themselves and resurface repeatedly. In addition to featuring highly malicious advertisements, the stability of illegal manga sites like Manga Rice is surprisingly low. It is advisable to stop using illegal manga sites to avoid falling victim to scams.

AnchorThe Dangers and Risks of Manga Rice (mangagohan)

Utilizing illegal manga sites like Manga Rice (mangagohan) comes with various risks. Let's take a look at the dangers and precautions of using Manga Rice.

  • Potential for Personal Information Leakage
  • Risk of Industry Decline
  • Possibility of Virus Infection
  • Violation of Copyright Law

AnchorLeakage of Personal Information Leading to Criminal Exploitation

Some users may doubt whether their personal information will be leaked when reading manga through Manga Rice. In reality, Manga Rice contains numerous malicious advertisements, so if users click on these ads, there is a risk of personal information being leaked.

Manga Rice (mangagohan) is operated overseas, not in Japan, making it even more dangerous. Since the ads are also in English, some users may think they are safe because they are not written in Japanese, but there is a possibility that information is being extracted without their knowledge.

Furthermore, there is a high risk of criminals exploiting personal information, leading to reputational and financial damage, so using illegal manga sites like Manga Rice is not recommended.

AnchorRisk of Decline in the Manga Industry, Leading to Decreased Income for Manga Artists

If the number of people reading manga for free on pirate sites like Manga Rice (mangagohan) increases, manga may not sell well, and there is a possibility that the revenue of the manga industry will decrease.

With the decrease in income for manga artists, there will also be a significant drop in the number of created mangas. A study in 2022 revealed that the revenue of free illegal manga sites reached approximately 1.19 trillion yen, while the sales of legitimate manga were only about 670 billion yen. The Japanese manga industry is facing a critical situation.

If this continues, legitimate sites and creators will no longer be profitable, leading to a decrease in creative motivation and a backlash in the industry.

AnchorThere is a possibility of virus infection, leading to the breakdown of devices such as computers and smartphones.

If you spend a long time browsing illegal manga sites like "Mangagohan," there is a risk of virus infection. Clicking on ads and moving to other websites can also result in infection.

Furthermore, downloading manga files from sites like "Mangagohan" may not only infect devices such as computers and smartphones with viruses directly, but also potentially violate copyright law.

Therefore, I believe it is advisable to discontinue the use of illegal manga sites like "Mangagohan."

There may be penalties for violating copyright law.

Reading manga that is posted on illegal manga sites like "Mangagohan" means infringing on the original creator's copyright.

If you become subject to punishment for copyright infringement, you may face imprisonment for up to 2 years or a fine of up to 2 million yen.

To avoid engaging in illegal activities, please use legitimate and legal manga sites with acquired ABJ marks (permission from copyright holders) instead of sites like "Mangagohan."

5 Alternatives to "Mangagohan" - Legal Sites

Choosing legitimate manga sites over "Mangagohan" may be a better option. Here, we introduce 5 legal manga sites where you can read manga. Please take a look below.

  • Comic SeaMore
  • U-NEXT
  • ebook Japan
  • Manga Oukoku
  • Ameba Manga

・Comic SeaMore

Comic SeaMore-1

Comic SeaMore offers a wide range of manga, including those not uploaded on Mangamura. With free manga and daily promotions, you can read many manga without spending money.

In particular, with SeaMore Read Unlimited, there are two subscription options.

If you choose "Full Read Unlimited," for a monthly fee of 1,480 yen (tax included), you can read a total of over 99,000 works. The content covers all categories, showcasing a remarkable richness in genres!

If you're unsure of what to choose, "Light Read Unlimited" is probably the best option. For 789 yen per month, you can read over 40,000 manga, practical books, magazines, photo collections, excluding BL and TL categories. Moreover, you can try it for free for the first 7 days, so you can give it a try.



U-NEXT has been operating a streaming video service since 2009. U-NEXT aims to be Japan's leading online video service provider, focusing on enhancing users' video watching experiences. Offering a rich variety of content including anime, dramas, entertainment, and movies. The initial 31 days are a free trial, followed by a monthly fee of ¥2,189 (tax included). Currently, users can enjoy over 220,000 anime titles and read more than 150 magazines.

Moreover, when purchasing manga, you will receive ¥600 worth of points. These points can be used to read the latest magazines for free, and if you cancel during the free trial period, it will be completely free. So, please do give it a try.

・ebook Japan


ebook Japan is a specialized e-book site with over 800,000 works available. Focused mainly on manga, they emphasize rental and purchase services.

Operated jointly by Yahoo and eBook Initiative Japan, ebook Japan offers a wide range of selections and updates faster than other sites. Furthermore, frequent events make it the most advantageous site for those interested. New users receive a 50% discount coupon that can be used up to 6 times upon initial login. Every Wednesday, special comics can be obtained at half price for the first volume! Plus, you earn points when paying with PayPay.

A truly exceptional unlimited comic reading site with endless amazing features!

・Manga Oukoku (Kingdom of Manga)

Manga Oukoku-1

Manga Oukoku is a manga site where you can read unlimited manga for free. With over 60,000 comics available, more than 3,000 manga can be read for free. Just like eBook Japan, they have been uploading manga and other e-books for 15 years, making the possibility of sudden closure unlikely. After logging in, you will also receive daily benefits of up to 50% off, making it a great deal.

・Ameba Manga

Ameba Manga-1

Ameba Manga is an official website where you can watch manga for free. Currently, Ameba Manga offers over 400,000 manga titles, with over 4,000 manga available to read for free. The first login bonus provides up to 40% off for up to 100 titles! With 30,000 serializations updated daily on Ameba, it could be a great choice as an alternative to the daily manga feast.

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This time, we discussed the Manga Gohan for the first time, as well as the current operational status of Manga Gohan and the dangers associated with accessing it. Although these sites are currently free, it seems that the number of such sites will decrease in the future, and conversely, sites where manga can be read inexpensively, such as Comic C. More, are emerging. Additionally, there is a noticeable trend of hit mangas being adapted into anime, so if you have a favorite anime that you would like to download and save, please try the download software KeepStreams Downloader that was introduced last.

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