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The current situation of Manga Bank (Manga Bank)! Has it been closed down?

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Updated on May 28, 2024 | 15 Minutes Reading
In this article, we will explain the circumstances under which Manga Bank was cracked down on and the reasons for its closure. Although Manga Bank has been shut down, there are other similar illegal sites that exist, accessing them may not result in a crime, but there are various risks involved, so please refrain from using them. In addition to summarizing such sites, we will also introduce legitimate sites that you can use, so please continue reading until the end.

"Why was Manga Bank (Manga BANK) closed?"

"I heard that the operator of Manga Bank was a Chinese person who didn't even understand Japanese, is that true?"

"Are there any other illegal sites like Manga Bank? I want to know about alternative legitimate sites."

Many people may have questions like the ones above.

Without requiring membership registration, the site Manga Bank (Manga BANK) where popular manga such as "One Piece," "Jujutsu Kaisen," "Attack on Titan," and "Demon Slayer" can be read for free, was used by many people. However, the reality is that it is an illegal pirate site that uploads manga without permission.

In this article, we will explain whether Manga Bank (Manga BANK) will be closed, introduce similar illegal sites or legitimate sites, so please be sure to read to the end.

The Current Situation of Manga Bank (Manga bank)! Has it been closed?

Manga Bank (Manga BANK), which was opened in 2019, according to research, became inaccessible on February 13, 2021 and June 29, 2021, and finally closed on November 4, 2022. The site was shut down in November 2021, and again, the site was completely deleted in March 2022.

Why was Manga Bank (Manga bank) closed?

Four major publishing companies, Shueisha, KADOKAWA, Kodansha, and Shogakukan, proceeded with legal measures and requested the operator of Manga Bank (Manga BANK) to disclose information, leading to the closure to prevent the operator from being arrested.

The person who operated the massive pirate site "Manga BANK," which had accumulated nearly 1 billion accesses, was arrested in China, as announced on July 14 by CODA (Content Overseas Distribution Promotion Organization).

Was the backstage of the Manga Bank (Manga bank) crackdown in China?

Was the backstage of the Manga Bank (Manga bank) crackdown in China?-1

On July 19, 2022, the NHK program "Close-up Modern" (after 7:30) aired a special feature episode that closely followed the tracking investigation of the operator for six months, revealing the backstage.

The program was "closely monitored by digital G-men formed by pirate countermeasure specialists such as lawyers and copyright organization." Their formal name is CODA (Content Overseas Distribution Promotion Organization).

Starting with the communication company that stored the data for Manga Bank (Manga BANK), the G-men requested the communication company to reveal information such as the operator's address and name.

One month later, the response obtained was that the location was actually in Chongqing, China.

As the operator resided overseas, the G-men collaborated with Chinese lawyers and directly approached local authorities.

As a result of various efforts, three months after the interrogation by Chinese authorities, the operator was finally cracked down, and administrative penalties were imposed on the Chinese operator. For violation of the Information Network Transmission Right Protection Ordinance, the male operator was fined a total of 30,000 yuan (approximately 600,000 yen), including 16,409.52 yuan (approximately 33,000 yen) of confiscated criminal profits.

According to the investigation notes from Close Modern, the following was revealed about the Manga BANK crackdown:

  • In December 2021, the operator was identified as a man in Chongqing, China.
  • In March 2022, the site was completely shut down.
  • It is suspected that profits were obtained through internet ads, but the flow of advertising revenue remains unknown.


The Closure of Manga Bank: A Never-Ending Succession of Successor Sites


In November 2021, Manga Bank was closed, but in fact, there are several successor sites that continue to emerge. Despite being closed, the cycle of resurrection and closure persists, often just changing names and addresses.

Below is a summary of the replacement successor sites and the cycle of reincarnation.

November 4, 2021

Manga Bank Closure

November 9, 2021

Combay (Manga Bay) Established (currently closed)

December 7, 2021

Fbay (Fbay) Established (currently closed)

January 23, 2022

Manga PLAY (Manga Play) Established (currently closed)

March 14, 2022

Manga PLAY→2CC Transitioned

March 18, 2022

2CC→13DL Transitioned


Combay (Manga Bay) (November 9, 2021 - November 21, 2021)

Just five days after the closure of Manga Bank, Combay (Manga Bay) emerged. By accessing Manga Bank, users could directly transition to Combay's site, which bore a striking resemblance. Initially believed to be the rightful successor to Manga Bank, however, on November 21, the site was closed, possibly due to concerns over the identification of the operators.

Fbay (Effebay) (December 7, 2021 - January 23, 2022)

Following the closure of Combay (Comic Bay), Fbay (Effebay) emerged anew. In essence, Fbay serves as the successor site to Combay. The reason being, when accessing the Combay site, users are redirected to the Fbay interface.

Fbay, which operated for over a month, faced legal action from publishing companies due to copyright infringement, much like its predecessor, Comic Bank.

Comic PLAY (January 23, 2022 - March 14, 2022)

Comic PLAY, the successor site established in lieu of Fbay (Effebay), differs from its predecessors by devoid of any advertisements within the site. While the absence of profit-generating advertisements from pirate sites may be deemed comfortable for users, it is often misconceived due to the risks of "phishing scams" and personal information leakage. As of March 14, Comic PLAY transitioned and was reborn as 2CC.

2CC (March 14, 2022 - March 18, 2022)

2CC, which existed for just a few days, was actually established prior to the closure of Comic PLAY. Its brief existence entailed intermittent accessibility to the site, culminating in its closure on March 18, shifting to "13DL."

13DL - Currently in operation

13DL, in existence beforehand, redirects users to its site when attempting to access Comic PLAY or 2CC. Unlike its predecessors, viewing works on 13DL requires downloading files as the means to read. Engaging in the act of knowingly downloading illegally uploaded comics is considered a crime. Although it continues to operate, it is strongly advised to refrain from utilizing the services of 13DL.

List of Pirate Sites Resembling Comic Bank

The circumstances surrounding the crackdown and closure of Comic Bank have been elucidated. Despite the closure of Comic Bank, there exist other illicit sites resembling it. Accessing these sites does not incur criminal liability, but poses various risks. It is strongly recommended to refrain from their usage.


Current Status

Manga Village


New Manga Village


Manga Town


Rome of the Stars


Manga Lou (Manga Raw)


Manga ZIP

In Operation


In Operation

Sakura Manga

In Operation

Thousand Manga

In Operation


In Operation

A Site Similar to Manga Bank (Manga BANK): MANGAZIP

A site similar to Manga Bank, MANGAZIP, is a pirate site where manga is illegally uploaded and can be freely downloaded.

It hosts illegally uploaded manga that can be downloaded for free, posing a risk of virus infection for those who use MANGAZIP. Although there are no visible ads, the danger of virus infection remains.

In order to read manga on MANGAZIP, one must first download the files. However, the risk of virus infection increases during the extraction of compressed files like ZIP files.

Furthermore, downloading manga files may also expose one to the risk of virus infection.

Once infected by a virus, there is a possibility of personal information leakage, or the hijacking of your smartphone or computer.

Downloading illegally uploaded manga is a criminal offense.

Even if you delete the downloaded files, traces of the download may remain, increasing the risk of exposure. Please ensure to never keep these files saved.

A Site Similar to Manga Bank (Manga BANK): Rawkuma

A site similar to Manga Bank, Rawkuma, operates illegally using overseas servers and is run in English.

Rawkuma is inundated with advertisements and contains only dangerous content such as inappropriate images for minors and phishing scams. The site is difficult to navigate as it constantly interrupts manga reading with advertisements.

Due to its overseas operations, there is a high risk of falling victim to international fraud. Avoid using Rawkuma to prevent any unnecessary complications.

A Site Similar to Manga Bank (Manga BANK): SakuraManga

A site similar to Manga Bank, Sakura Manga, does not feature any visible advertisements and, like Rawkuma, is operated overseas.

Being an illegally operated site overseas, Sakura Manga’s mix of English and Japanese text makes the site heavy and difficult to read.

Reading manga on Sakura Manga may expose users to risks of virus infection and mining.

In case of virus infection or mining damage, substantial repair costs may be incurred.

A Site Similar to Manga Bank (Manga BANK): SenManga

A site similar to Manga Bank, SenManga, is also operated overseas like Rawkuma. Though it has a long history, it remains relatively unknown. Despite featuring a multitude of Jump-related works, it is criticized for being difficult to use as it is predominantly in English.

While it has not been updated for about 2 years, Sen Manga is still accessible as of December 2022. There is a possibility of embedded viruses in sites that have been left unattended.

In the event of harm inflicted by an outdated site, intervention by the operating team is unlikely. Furthermore, the English content poses a risk of inadvertently clicking on ads.

A Site Similar to Manga Bank (Manga BANK): KLMANGA

KLManga, a site reminiscent of Manga Bank, is not a new site and was previously known as MangaQV and MangaHATO before its rebranding. It offers free access to illegally shared manga and has recently gained popularity.

Illegal manga sites may face legal action from publishing houses, but KLManga continues to post a plethora of popular Jump-related manga works in defiance of such threats.

KLManga may offer free manga reading, however, it is a site fraught with numerous risks due to its illegal nature.

There are instances of "one-click fraud" schemes that can unknowingly lead to registration on paid sites, therefore, casual usage is not recommended.


Similar to the successor site introduced above, there are several pirate sites that upload manga without authorization. While some of these sites are currently operational, they are all illegal, so it is strongly advised to refrain from using them.

It's Dangerous to Use Sites Resembling Manga Bank (Manga BANK)!

Downloading is Illegal

Downloading manga that has been uploaded without permission, knowing it is a pirated version, constitutes a criminal act.

Many pirate sites that are still in operation require downloading files to read, therefore, there is a risk of being held accountable for a crime if one downloads recklessly, hence it is best to avoid such usage.

Risk of Personal Information Leakage

Using pirate sites similar to Manga Bank (Manga BANK) poses a risk of personal information leakage.

These types of sites are usually aimed at generating revenue through advertisements, prompting users to register by enticing them with statements like "Registering as a member will be beneficial" using information such as "name," "email address," "address," and "phone number."

While membership registration may offer benefits such as faster download times or no more ads, it is a risky endeavor because there is a possibility of personal information being leaked to the site operators.

Moreover, there have been cases of theft of information such as credit card details, bank account information, social media account details, and account passwords.

Device Malfunction Due to Virus Infection

Pirate sites resembling Manga Bank (Manga BANK) operate with the goal of increasing ad revenue through increased traffic, as well as infecting users' devices with viruses.

Simply clicking on content within the site can lead to the user's device being infected with embedded viruses.

Once infected with a virus, it can result in data loss within the device, making the device sluggish or even causing it to become inoperable, or lead to the theft of personal information.

Thinking you were enjoying free manga reading but ending up facing financial troubles would be a tragic outcome, therefore, it is best to refrain from using pirate sites.

Device Malfunction Due to Mining

By browsing pirate sites like Manga Bank (Manga BANK), you can engage in mining using the device you are using to access them.

Using a device for mining may result in the CPU usage reaching close to 100%, or the device's battery running out. People who were reading free manga on Manga Bank wouldn't want to have their data usage or charging exploited.

By sticking to official sources instead of unofficial ones like Manga Bank, you can completely avoid being harmed by mining.

Potential Cultural Appropriation

Pirate sites like Manga Bank (Manga BANK) have been estimated to cause a loss of ¥50 billion in the Japanese economy. There are even estimates of losses amounting to ¥13 trillion in the United States, indicating a substantial loss of funds.

The money that should be supporting manga artists and publishing houses is being siphoned off to Manga Bank, which is truly regrettable.

While it is wonderful to be able to introduce manga, an indispensable part of Japanese culture, to the world, unfortunately, there are numerous pirate sites like Manga Bank with bases outside of Japan, violating international laws.

Using Manga Bank (Manga BANK) solely because it is free to read is tantamount to contributing to the loss of Japanese culture.

Alternative Sites for Manga Bank (Manga BANK)【Legitimate】

In addition to summarizing illegal manga sites above, we will also introduce legitimate sites that you can use. Using pirate sites like Manga Bank (Manga BANK) can expose you to various troubles. Therefore, let's use official sites that are safe and secure. There are also opportunities to read for free, so please give it a try.

This time, we will introduce 5 excellent manga sites where you can enjoy manga without registration or for free.

Enjoy over 18,000 volumes of manga for free at Comic See More!

Enjoy over 18,000 volumes of manga for free at Comic See More!-1

Comic See More, one of the legitimate manga sites that can replace Manga Bank (Manga BANK), is Japan's largest e-book site.

Comic See More offers excellent benefits upon initial registration. Just by registering for free membership, you can immediately get a 70% OFF coupon, and with monthly menu registration, you can save up to 20,000 points.

Monthly fee: From 780 yen

Content: Over 1.02 million volumes, over 18,000 free manga

Access it here Comic See More

Get up to 40% OFF on up to 100 volumes! Ameba Manga

Get up to 40% OFF on up to 100 volumes! Ameba Manga-1

Get a great deal with the first-time benefit of 40% OFF on up to 100 volumes! "Ameba Manga" is one of the legitimate manga sites that can replace Manga Bank (Manga BANK).

With a wide range of manga genres, especially rich in genres such as shoujo, women's, shonen, young men's, TL, BL, men's, parallel world, and live-action adaptation manga. Irregular sales and campaigns are also held.

Pricing: Purchase system (free account registration)

Content: Over 400,000 volumes, over 4,000 free manga, 30,000 episodes of "read one episode for free daily"

Access it here Ameba Manga

Read over 3,000 free manga titles unlimitedly! Manga Kingdom

Read over 3,000 free manga titles unlimitedly! Manga Kingdom-1

For reading manga and comics, Manga Kingdom, the largest site in Japan offers unlimited access to over 3,000 works for free! It is one of the legitimate manga sites that can replace Manga Bank (Manga BANK).

The biggest point is that you can read a total of over 3,000 manga titles, including manga and e-comics, for free. Moreover, the point redemption is also advantageous, with a maximum daily refund of 50%. There is a wide range of genres, including BL, TL, shoujo manga, shonen manga, and more. Also, no registration or app is required to read immediately. The best part is the sense of getting a great deal, so please try it out.

Monthly fee: From 330 yen (tax included)

Content: Over 200,000 volumes specializing in manga, over 3,000 free manga

Access it here Manga Kingdom!

Experience U-NEXT: A Platform for Viewing and Reading

Experience U-NEXT: A Platform for Viewing and Reading-1

U-NEXT, a video streaming service offering a 31-day free trial, also provides free manga distribution. While U-NEXT's manga is not completely free to read, you can access it affordably through other services. Give it a try and see for yourself.

"Popular titles are frequently on sale, allowing you to read volumes 1-3 for free."

"By registering for the free trial, you will receive 600 yen worth of points. With these points, you can read 1-2 additional volumes every month without any extra charges."

Furthermore, even if you cancel during the free trial, you won't be charged. Enjoy movies and more for free, so why not try it out as an alternative to the manga bank?

Monthly Fee: 2,189 yen (including tax)

Content: Approximately 220,000 titles, with over 5,000 free manga volumes

Access U-NEXT from here

Enjoy Manga and Streaming Anime Together with FOD Premium

Enjoy Manga and Streaming Anime Together with FOD Premium-1

FOD Premium, a video streaming service similar to U-NEXT, operated by Fuji TV, offers the opportunity to enjoy manga and currently streaming anime together. If you are looking to enjoy manga and anime in one place as an alternative to the manga bank, we recommend using FOD Premium.

While FOD Premium is said to have many free-to-read manga titles along with paid ones, it's not entirely free.

Here's how you can read free manga on FOD Premium:

  • "Use the points received during the free trial to purchase free manga."
  • "Read preview works available for free in various genres for a limited time."

Monthly Fee: 976 yen (including tax)

Content: Approximately 20,000 titles

Access FOD Premium from here

Three Recommended Official Manga Apps as Alternatives to Manga Bank

Explore MangaBANG: The Largest Domestic Manga App

Explore MangaBANG: The Largest Domestic Manga App-1

MangaBANG (MangaBAN), a hit free manga app with over 27 million total downloads, is operated by Amazia Co., Ltd. It is an official and reliable manga app that serves as an alternative to the manga bank.

With a strong focus on magazines for young adults and popular series, this app offers over 100,000 total works, including over 1,000 free titles. It's a must-have app for those looking for a substitute site for the manga bank, as popular manga can be read for free up to 8 episodes daily!

Pricing: Free to use with optional in-app purchases

Official Website: MangaBANG (MangaBAN)

Otherworldly manga, classic masterpieces, and popular manga app MangaUP!

Otherworldly manga, classic masterpieces, and popular manga app MangaUP!-1

Enjoy Square Enix's original works such as popular otherworldly and villainess series like "Monthly Shonen Gangan," "Young Gangan," and "Monthly Gangan JOKER" on "MangaUP!", an acclaimed manga app operated by Square Enix Co., Ltd., serving as an alternative to the manga bank.

With a wealth of otherworldly works, a significant feature is that once a work is read, it can be reread for free up to 72 hours. Currently, a campaign is offering 25 manga points upon the initial download of the app, so those who wish to read manga for free, please take advantage of this opportunity.

Pricing Model: Free-to-play + in-app purchases

Official Website: MangaUP!

Number one publisher-based manga service with Manga ONE app! マンガワン

Number one publisher-based manga service with Manga ONE app! マンガワン-1

The Manga ONE app, a classic manga app with over 27 million downloads, is operated by Shogakukan and serves as a reliable and safe alternative to the manga bank.

With over 80 original works available and always more than 150 works available to read for free, a campaign offering up to 50 episodes for free upon initial download is still ongoing as of September.

With up to 8 episodes of manga available for free daily, the range of genres from media adaptations to original works is diverse. Please take advantage of this opportunity and give it a try.

Pricing Model: Free-to-play + in-app purchases

Official Website: Manga ONE

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Recently, the manga work "Chainsaw Man" by Tatsuki Fujimoto has been adapted into an anime and is being streamed on various streaming services. Starting from 25:00 on TV Tokyo and then the fastest delivery on Prime Video! The TV anime "Chainsaw Man" is also being distributed on video delivery services such as FOD, U-NEXT, dAnime Store, Netflix, and Hulu!

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【In-depth Explanation】How to download and convert videos from NHK Plus to your computer?


In November 2021, Manga Bank (漫画BANK) was shut down, and a special feature that followed the operators for six months was broadcast on NHK's "Close Up Gendai" on July 19, revealing that the individual running "Manga BANK" was caught in China.

The successor site to Manga Bank (漫画BANK) still exists in a cycle of disappearing and reviving. As pirate sites like Manga Bank (漫画BANK) continue to increase, there are various risks involved. It is important not to use such sites, as there is a potential risk of facing legal consequences for downloading illegal content, having personal information stolen during registration, or infecting your device with a virus and causing it to malfunction just by clicking on links on the site.

Services like "MANGA BANG!," "MANGA UP!," and "MANGA ONE," which provide a reliable manga app, offer the chance to read numerous manga for free depending on how you utilize it. Therefore, it is recommended to use these services instead.

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