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The current situation of manga1001! Has it been shut down? Summarize and explain illegal manga sites.

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Updated on May 27, 2024 | 15 Minutes Reading
In this article, we will provide a detailed explanation of the current status and rumors of Manga1001, its dangers and risks, as well as alternative safe sites.

Have you ever heard of the term manga 1001? If you are a lover of manga, you must surely be aware, but is it true that manga 1001 has been shut down?

As of February 2, 2022, the updates for manga 1001 have ceased, and rumors are circulating online that it has been "closed down." Therefore, we will delve into the current status of manga 1001, the truth behind the rumors, the dangers and risks involved, and provide detailed explanations about alternative safe sites.

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What is the current status of manga 1001? Is it really closed down?

What is Manga 1001?

Actually, manga 1001 is an illegal website similar to Manga Village or Manga Bank, where manga is uploaded without permission. The common trait of such sites is that they get shut down, only to reappear by changing their names or URLs.

Specifically, manga 1001 is a clone site of Manga Raw, and "Manga 1000" now operates under the name "Manga Bank" as a clone site of manga 1001.

Furthermore, we will touch upon the successor sites of manga 1001, but all of them are pirate sites. Therefore, there are risks involved such as virus infection just by accessing them, the possibility of device malfunction due to mining, the potential to fall victim to phishing, and the risk of being caught for illegal downloads. Therefore, it should never be used.

Is it true that Manga1001 has been closed?

Rather than saying it has been closed, it is more accurate to say that updates for Manga1001 have ceased. As of September 2022, when searching for "manga 1001," three similar sites appear, all of which are accessible:

In essence, Manga1001 is not closed. Even if it were to close, successor sites to Manga1001 continue to emerge.

So why did sites like "manga raw" or "manga bank" come up when searching for "manga 1001"? As mentioned earlier, Manga1001 is actually a clone site of manga raw, and "manga 1000" is a clone site of Manga1001. "Manga 1000" operated under the name "manga bank." Both "manga 1001" and "manga 1000 (manga bank)" have similar content and appearances, making them accessible sites.

The Reason Behind the Closure of Manga1001

Some may think that when updates cease, it is synonymous with closure. However, if Manga1001 has not been closed, why has the updates stopped? While the specific reasons remain unclear, two main speculations have been circulating.

The Server of Manga1001 is Located in Ukraine

One reason speculated for the cessation of updates on Manga1001 is the server being located in Ukraine. Updates on Manga1001 halted in February, coinciding with the Ukraine invasion, leading to speculation that the server's location in Ukraine may have contributed to the halt in updates.

Lawsuits Filed Against Major Japanese Companies Such as Shueisha and Shogakukan

The second reason is said to be the cessation of updates for Manga1001 (manga1001), which is the root of Manga1001 (manga1001), as the server provider of Manga raw has been sued by major Japanese companies such as Shueisha and Kodansha. Due to these influences, it is a prevailing information that the server has disappeared, and updates naturally cannot be done anymore.

While many are eagerly awaiting for the access to be restored for updates, it is important to note that these are all pirate sites. Therefore, please refrain from using illegal sites due to the inherent risks and dangers. We will explain this in more detail below, so please check it out.

The Dangers and Risks of Manga1001 (manga1001)

There are many who wonder, "I know I shouldn't use it, but what will happen if I do." Now, we will provide a detailed explanation of the risks associated with using illegal sites like Manga1001 (manga1001).

・Virus Infection

・Mining Damage

・Leakage of Personal Information

・Potential Legal Consequences

We will explain each of these in detail.

Virus Infection - simply accessing ads or pages can lead to infection

Illegal sites like Manga1001 (manga1001) often contain malicious ads. While they claim to offer free manga reading, they are actually operated for advertising revenue. Moreover, they contain embedded viruses, so tapping on such malicious ads can lead to virus infection, causing your device to malfunction, drain battery quickly, and face potential damage.

Some may think they can avoid tapping on such ads to read manga for free, but these ads are often placed in locations where it's easy to tap mistakenly, making it difficult to avoid. It's best to avoid using such illegal sites from the start.

Mining Damage - reduced battery life and device malfunction

Mining damage occurs when a device is infected with mining viruses, which then autonomously mine new cryptocurrencies. While you won't directly lose money from forced mining, it burdens your device, leading to quick battery drainage, excessive data consumption, and in the worst case scenario, device malfunction.

Many may use illegal sites like this to read manga for free, but no one wants to pay thousands for repairs due to mining damage. Therefore, it's best to avoid using such sites.

Leakage of Personal Information - vulnerable to phishing scams

Pirate sites often offer perks like "read manga without ads just by registering as a member." Since these are illegal sites, registering personal information such as name, address, and phone number poses a high risk of leakage to third parties. Furthermore, even without registration, simply accessing the site can result in virus infection, leading to phishing attempts where credit card details, email addresses, passwords, etc., can be stolen.

Aside from financial loss, stolen personal information can also lead to identity theft on social media accounts. Therefore, it's important to use secure and properly managed legal sites.

Potential Legal Consequences - possibility of being caught for illegal downloads

Up until now, users of illegal sites have not been held accountable, but enforcement against illegal sites has been increasingly strengthened. Since January 2020, downloading material that has been illegally uploaded will result in criminal punishment. The penalty for illegal activities includes "up to 2 years of imprisonment and/or a fine of up to 2 million yen."

Many pirate sites contain material that can only be accessed through downloading, but be careful as it may lead to a violation of the law if done inadvertently.

Illegal Manga Sites as an Alternative to Manga1001

There are other illegal sites that promote free manga just like Manga1001. While some sites have been shut down, there are still some in operation. All of them are pirate sites, harboring various dangers, so using them casually may result in serious consequences. Therefore, please refrain from using them at all costs.

Below, we have compiled a list of illegal sites similar to Manga1001, so please check it out.


Current Status

Risk Level

Manga Village (まんが村)


New Manga Village (新まんが村)


Manga Bank


Manga Town


Romie of the Stars


Manga Row

(Manga Raw)



In Operation

In Operation

High risk due to the need to download manga to read

Manga ZIP

In Operation


In Operation

High advertising volume, potential phishing

and fraud risks

Manga Rice

In Operation

High likelihood of personal information leakage


In Operation

High potential for mining damages


In Operation

High likelihood of virus infection

Alternative Site for Manga1001【Official Site】

Using pirate sites like Manga1001 can lead to various unforeseen damages, so let's use safe and official sites where you can read manga for free. Next, we will introduce 6 safe sites that can serve as alternatives to Manga1001.

  • Comic Seamount
  • Ebookjapan
  • Manga Kingdom
  • Ameba Manga
  • FOD Premium
  • U-NEXT

NTT Group-operated Electronic Bookstore Comic Seamount

Established for 18 years now, the prestigious electronic bookstore Comic Seamount operated by the NTT Group is a reassuringly safe option for those seeking an alternative to Manga1001. With a rich lineup and an impressive collection of over 990,000 volumes, it caters to various genres beyond just manga, including light novels and BL. Particularly noteworthy is the strong inclination towards manga targeted at female readers. Frequent sales and campaigns, along with the ability to enjoy over 18,000 free comics upon free membership registration, make it an ideal choice for those who wish to indulge in manga content for free. Be sure to give it a try.

Abundant Free Manga Titles on the Ebookjapan Electronic Book Service

Co-operated by Yahoo Japan Corporation and E-book Initiative Japan Corporation, the popularity of the electronic book service Ebookjapan lies in the richness and affordability of its manga collection. Moreover, with over 5,000 free manga titles available, it provides a secure experience as it is operated by Yahoo Japan Corporation. With a distribution of over 850,000 titles, most of which are manga, it offers a wide range of content from renowned series like "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba," "Attack on Titan," and "One Piece" to original and older works.

Japan's Largest Site Offering Over 3,000 Free Titles - Manga Kingdom

Operated by Beaglee Corporation, the electronic comic distribution service tailored for smartphones and tablets, Manga Kingdom, provides access to over 3,000 free manga and electronic comics. With a total download count exceeding 1.5 billion, Manga Kingdom stands out as the top recommendation for those who were previously using Manga1001, featuring many complete first volumes available to read for free, unlike many services that typically offer only 10 to 20 free pages.

1st Volume Free, Multiple Volume Free Campaigns Happening Now! - Ameba Manga

The electronic book service Ameba Manga operated by CyberAgent is considered the largest domestic electronic comic service in Japan, surpassing 5 million users. The range of genres available for distribution is vast, offering a collection of 400,000 electronic comics ranging from popular hits to nostalgic masterpieces. Its main appeal lies in the ability to enjoy over 4,000 free manga titles at all times. Moreover, the frequent offering of special deals is a notable feature. By simply registering as a member for free, you can receive highly advantageous coupons like "40% off on up to 100 volumes" on your first purchase, making it a must-see for manga enthusiasts. Additionally, with a download function available, you can enjoy manga in an offline state anytime and anywhere, making it a highly recommended alternative to Manga1001 (manga1001).

Benefit from a Valuable Free Trial Offer! ― FOD Premium

The video streaming service FOD Premium officially operated by J:COM stands out from illegal services like Manga1001 with its safe and secure platform. Offering a 14-day free trial period, a simple registration not only grants access to popular videos and magazines but also provides a gift of ¥1,200 worth of points for drama and manga aficionados.

These points can be used for reading selected manga for free or purchasing them at discounted rates. With the lineup of free manga titles changing regularly, you can be sure to enjoy a variety of works with no disappointments!

For those seeking a service that fulfills all their entertainment needs, including videos, magazines, and manga, FOD Premium is highly recommended. As a replacement for Manga1001, be sure to give it a try.

Enjoy Movies and Manga! Get a Free Trial with U-NEXT

U-NEXT, a streaming service launched in Japan in 2009, aims to enhance the viewing experience and become a leading online video service in Japan. Offering a wide range of content including anime, drama, entertainment, and movies, U-NEXT provides a 31-day free trial followed by a monthly fee of ¥2,189 (tax included). Users can create up to four accounts and access over 220,000 anime titles and more than 150 magazines.

Moreover, purchasing manga earns you ¥600 worth of points, which can be used to read the latest volumes for free or even for free access during the trial period, making it a must-try option. With a wealth of anime content, it is recommended for those who want to enjoy both the original works and visual adaptations. Additionally, by using the monthly points received as a gift, you can effectively purchase the latest manga volumes for free.

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There are rumors spreading online that the site "漫画1001 (manga1001)" has been shut down, but in reality, it is currently in a state of halted updates and can still be accessed from four sites. In other words, it has not been shut down yet. However, even though it is still operational, there are various risks and dangers associated with using it, so it is advisable to refrain from using illegal sites like "漫画1001 (manga1001)." We have also introduced sites where you can safely and securely enjoy free manga, so please give them a try.

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