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10 Best LiveLeak Alternative Sites 2023

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Updated on Dec 21, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading
Since everyone wants to keep up with the latest and greatest controversial news, we have created this list of the ten best LiveLeak alternatives that you should definitely try.

If you are someone who is always on the hunt for the talk of the town and wants to be the first one to know about the latest gossip, then LiveLeak is your best bet. It contains all the uncovered footage of significant world events. If you are facing any issues when accessing the LiveLeak content, you can try some other sites like Live Leak.

Hop on below to the list of the best websites like LiveLeak, which can make the best Live Leak replacement.

What Is LiveLeak?

LiveLeak is a video-sharing platform that allows users to share exclusive footage. Even though the concept may seem quite similar to YouTube but instead of uploading content to entertain viewers, the content on LiveLeak is more inclined towards news and leaked footage.

If you have a real-life video of a situation related to a critical historical occurrence or incident, you can upload it on LiveLeak. Over the years, there have been multiple incidents where the website has faced issues due to the type of videos published or live broadcasts.

Despite the delicacy of the topic, people are still posting newer and newer content on LiveLeak, which is why it is gaining popularity and growing day by day.

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10 Best LiveLeak Alternatives You Should Try

Even though LiveLeak is a great platform that allows users to keep updated on the latest news, the increasing number of controversies is resulting in track downs which can end up shutting the website down.

This is why you might also want to keep other websites like LiveLeak on your radar, as it can be taken down at any time, which will deprive you of your precious content. Read ahead as we have created this list of the best websites like LiveLeak you should try in 2023.


Also considered a video hosting service, Flickr is one of the best LiveLeak replacements, which is older than YouTube since it was founded in 2004. You can upload photos and videos of up to 1GB in size, but first, you have to make an account. Just like any social media app, Flickr also keeps track of your memories which makes it a great alternative to LiveLeak.

Xfinity Stream

If you want to know where to watch Live Leak when LiveLeak is not working, then fear no more, as Xfinity Stream is the best Live Leaks replacement one could ask for. It boasts all kinds of intriguing videos in top-notch quality that might surprise you. You can choose your preferred category to watch videos using a free account or a paid subscription.


EngageMedia is a non-profit website that yearns to bring change through media representation. This LiveLeak alternative has partnered up with Canadian TV and is aimed to exercise freedom of speech and emphasize human rights. If you also want to upload, share, and watch content on this LiveLeak alternative, then you need to make an account.

OMG News

OMG News is the best LiveLeak alternative, as it is filled with surprising news. The main motive of this website is to take advantage of rage online and astonish people to the point where they share the video to a social media app. If you love controversies and chaos, then this is one of the best websites like LiveLeak for you.

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Considered to be one of the best LiveLeak replacements, ItemFix has a simple user interface that is easy to use for beginners. Most videos on this LiveLeak alternative are related to domestic problems and arbitrary acts. You can share your videos for free by just creating an account which makes it one of the best websites like Live Leak.


With a visual style just like YouTube, DTube is one of the best video-sharing websites like Live leak, as it is uncensored and is not constrained in any way. The best part about it is that it uses Steem blockchain and pays its users with cryptocurrency. Since cryptocurrencies are now quite popular, we can say that DTube is one of the best sites like Live Leak.

eBaum’s World

If you love shocking and unpredictable content, then this alternative to LiveLeak is your best bet. eBuam's World is filled with horrific, scary, and funny content and has a dedicated NSFW section that is full of different kinds of videos. It is indeed one of the best sites like Live Leak.

AOL Video

Offering a plethora of videos, AOL is another website like LiveLeak that allows users to watch videos without registering. You can also post your own videos on AOL, which makes it a great Live Leak replacement, a worthwhile answer to your question about where to watch live leaks.


Veoh offers loads of interesting, high-quality videos of genres like comedy, anime, and horror. Even though it is a great LiveLeak replacement, you still need to register before uploading any type of content.

Since GOGOAnime is shutting down, read this article if you want to know about GOGOAnime alternative sites.


This LiveLeak replacement is one of the best social video-sharing sites, which allows users to explore and watch different types of videos. You can also compile a collection of videos from other people. A big reason why MyVidster has been gaining so much popularity is the plethora of environmental options it offers and a wide variety of videos.

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Since LiveLeak can be shut down anytime, you must have a replacement to cater to your needs to stay up to date. This is why in this article; we have listed the ten best LiveLeak replacements that you should try.

If you want to view your favorite video content from over 100 websites whenever you want, try KeepStreams Video Downloader. It allows users to download videos and view them without ads, errors, or internet connection issues. Isn’t it amazing?

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