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【Alternative options】8 selected websites where you can watch MMD videos for free instead of iwara.

| Adult Services |
Updated on May 27, 2024 | 5 Minutes Reading
This article introduces a free site where you can watch videos that are made with popular 2D characters such as Touhou Project, FGO, and ToLOVE as an alternative to the MMD gentleman's erotic video site iwara.

When it comes to sites for MMD adult videos, iwara is definitely the first one that comes to mind.

Iwara is a video site dedicated to MMD posting from overseas and has gained significant attention internationally, boasting a plethora of MMD videos. Videos featuring popular characters from the Touhou Project, virtual idols, VTubers, and characters from Genshin Impact can be found here. The site is known for its abundance of high-quality and full HD MMD videos, captivating MMD enthusiasts.

This article introduces sites where you can freely view MMD adult videos featuring popular 2D characters like those from the Touhou Project, FGO, and ToLOVE.

What is iwara and how is it managed?

Iwara is a video site dedicated to MMD posting from overseas. It mainly attracts popularity with videos created using characters avatars from favorite games, anime characters, virtual idols, and VTubers.

At present, the production of MMD has reached a high level of technological maturity, resulting in a plethora of high-quality and high-resolution videos being posted.

Furthermore, there is an official website for all ages, which also includes R18 adult MMD videos. By clicking on the "ecchi" button on the top right of the official website, you can access R18 adult MMD videos.

In addition to videos, MMD photos and forums are also provided, allowing users to fully enjoy related MMD content. With the download feature for videos available, you can save your favorite adult MMD videos and enjoy them alone. (However, only for some videos).

As of March 2023, iwara is being operated normally, allowing free viewing of adult MMD videos. There have been no virus detection warnings, ensuring no issues concerning security.

Why does iwara run slowly?

While iwara is characterized by its user-friendly interface for an adult MMD video posting site, complaints of it being "slow" or "heavy" are often heard.

This is because there are times when loading times are long, or videos suddenly stop and do not resume.

One of the reasons for these issues is that iwara is a site operated overseas, which may result in unstable connections during server congestion. As a solution, it is recommended to watch during off-peak hours when access is not concentrated or to download the videos you want to watch in advance and view them offline.

Furthermore, the browser you use to view the site has a feature that temporarily stores images and video data so that they can be viewed without loading them again when you revisit the site. Accumulation of cache data can cause iwara's browser performance to become sluggish. To resolve this, it is recommended to periodically clear your cache.

5 alternative sites where you can watch MMD videos for free

In addition to iwara, there are many other sites where you can watch adult MMD videos for free. Here is an overview of sites for viewing MMD adult videos.

MMD Gentlemen's Repository

MMD Gentlemen's Repository not only allows you to watch MMD videos but also enables you to download shared models and engage in individual secondary creations.

There is a potential to use movements such as dances or lip syncs, and a plethora of data is freely available on the internet. It can be utilized on low-spec PCs and is an ideal choice for amateurs.

My 3D Erotic Videos

This site offers free 3D erotic videos featuring popular anime characters, as well as erotic MMD (Men's MMD) and iwara's 3D erotic animations. You can easily find high-quality erotic MMD, 3D erotic videos, and erotic animations categorized by tags such as Vtuber, Genshin Impact, Original, Hatsune Miku, Yokine Haku, and Emperor Kangxi.


Okazurand is an overseas video site specializing in MMD (3DCG videos). Similar to iwara, you can upload, play, and download MMD videos, as well as access MMD photos and forums. However, the site tends to be heavy, and depending on the time of day, servers may get congested, causing slow loading times or video interruptions.


This site compiles and introduces erotic MMD videos for gentlemen. There are 138 pages of personally produced and uploaded MMD videos covering various categories such as sex, internal ejaculation, original characters, oral sex, boats, vibrators, anal beads, Vocaloids, masturbation, Vtubers, squirting, restraints, stripping gags, shame play, Touhou Project, nipple piercings, clitoral piercings, gentlemen's hands, and more, all classified under categories like "Nico Nico" for optimal personal browsing.

Gochi Ero

This adult video site focuses on subjective content, offering a rich array of erotic videos, information, and adult photos, perfect for enhancing your solo pleasure. In addition to MMD videos, you will also find many live-action adaptations featured here, with a plethora of adult cosplay content available.

Three Subscription-Based Services for Watching Adult Anime


FANZA is an adult video streaming service operated by the major telecommunications company They also engage in DVD sales and other businesses.

Formerly known as DMM.R18 and rebranded as FANZA in 2018, it currently stands as Japan's largest adult video streaming site, offering a wide range of comprehensive adult services.

With a monthly fixed fee, you can enjoy unlimited viewing of various types of adult videos, along with the option for individual channel billing, providing freedom of choice for users.

FANZA features an "Adult Anime Channel" specifically dedicated to the distribution of erotic anime videos for enthusiasts.


The number of erotic anime distributions is top class in Japan. U-NEXT is Japan's largest video distribution service providing over 170,000 fixed-rate video content, including movies (western and Japanese), foreign dramas, domestic dramas, anime, and R18 adult content. The adult channel is named "H-NEXT."

It is possible to only use the adult channel "H-NEXT." The "video viewing code" that allows exclusive access to "H-NEXT" is available for purchase on the Amazon official site, making it a high-value choice.


XCITY is an online VOD video viewing service that delivers erotic videos. For a monthly fee of 3,135 yen (tax included), you can enjoy over 76,000 adult videos in a fixed-rate system.

The adult videos available for distribution are of an "all-genre" nature that anyone can easily enjoy, making it a wholesome video site.

For those who enjoy adult anime, a dedicated "Adult Anime" section is offered as one of the genres. With over 300 titles available at all times, you can fully immerse yourself in adult anime.

Software for Downloading Adult Videos KeepStreams Downloader

While there are plenty of adult video services available, websites often become slow or have long loading times during server congestion.

During such times, it is advisable to save the videos to your smartphone or PC in advance for seamless enjoyment.

While many video streaming services include download functions, some may have limitations on which videos can be downloaded, slow speeds, or a decrease in video quality. Using specialized software to save videos from video streaming services is convenient.

KeepStreams Downloader is a video downloader that supports over 60 streaming video services, including adult video sites. It allows for downloading streaming videos in MP4 format with a maximum resolution of 2060p and Dolby Audio quality 5.1.

With KeepStreams, you can entrust all video downloads to the software.


This article introduced sites where you can watch MMD gentlemanly erotic videos featuring popular 2D characters such as those from iwara, Touhou Project, FGO, ToLOVE, etc., for free.

For those looking to save gentlemanly erotic videos to their smartphones or PCs, please consider trying KeepStreams.

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