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Is ivfree too heavy to access? Here is a summary introducing alternative adult free viewing sites.

| Adult Services |
Updated on May 28, 2024 | 5 Minutes Reading
If ivfree is slow to access, I will introduce a site where you can watch a variety of genres of adult videos for free with plenty of selection.

Some may feel tired of popular international free adult video sites such as Pornhub and XVideos, but still desire to seek out erotic content.

With a plethora of adult sites available, it can be difficult to determine which one to utilize.

In this instance, we introduce ivfree, a recommended free adult video site for your nocturnal self-pleasure needs!

Furthermore, we will also provide a comprehensive explanation of how to use ivfree, what to do when access is unavailable, and alternative free adult video viewing sites.

Let tonight's feast be decided here!

What is ivfree?

What is ivfree?-1

Ivfree is a free adult video viewing site that offers a plethora of Arabian idol-themed DVD videos.

At Ivfree, you can search for erotic videos by categories such as busty, gal, mature women, and housewives. Videos are also organized by idol, making it easy to enjoy a plethora of erotic videos featuring your favorite idols.

Various idols are featured on Ivfree, including Kino Sakurai, Umi Shinonome, Mizuki Takanashi, Aya Kawasaki, Yoshino Chitose, Tsugumi Hara, and Misaki Horio, among many others. While there are more options available, let's start by giving it a try.

Website Name


Number of Adult Works

Over 10,000

Membership Type


Video Quality / Resolution


Genres of Works

Softcore, Junior Idol, Gravure Idol, Topless, Slender, Junior High School Girl, Thong, Beautiful Breasts, Beautiful Buttocks

Why is ivfree slow and inaccessible?

Utilizing ivfree is straightforward. Upon accessing the Ivfree homepage, a precise lineup of erotic video titles awaits you. By clicking on a title, you will automatically be directed to the playback page, where you can enjoy the erotic video.

As an adult video site, there are occasional issues where the site becomes heavy and inaccessible.

On social media, there are often comments such as "unable to watch," "slow loading," "heavy" on video sites. This also applies to adult video sites. The main reasons for this are generally threefold.

Cause One: Poor internet environment leading to slow connection speed

There are times when video sites cannot be watched due to slow connection speeds, which is the most common cause.

During such times, try measuring your connection speed to see if it is not too slow.

As a guideline, a minimum of about 5Mbps is necessary, and with around 10Mbps, you can comfortably watch videos.

Cause Two: Server overload during peak hours due to a high number of internet users

When the number of users increases, the connection becomes congested, resulting in slower speeds.

In such cases, it is recommended to either avoid peak hours for internet usage on the site or to save videos in advance and watch them offline.

Cause Three: Insufficient device specifications

Modern devices all come with high specifications. However, there is still a risk of the device becoming heavy due to insufficient specifications.

In addition, if there are problems with the device, it may slow down or the site may suddenly crash.

It is advisable to switch to a high-performance device such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer for viewing.

Introducing a compilation of adult free viewing sites as an alternative to ivfree

While ivfree is recommended as an adult video collection, there are other adult free viewing sites that are recommended as well. Therefore, instead of ivfree, here is a compilation of adult free viewing sites.



As an alternative to ivfree, Twihozon is a Twitter video saving ranking site and a free Twitter video saving site. About 90% of the videos on Twihozon are amateur adult videos, making it very convenient to find videos to one's liking easily. By using Twihozon, you can skip the hassle of saving adult videos on Twitter and enjoy them easily and for free. To find your favorite videos, be sure to give it a try.

Popular genres: Amateur, uncensored, voyeurism, etc.


SpankBang Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG, new

SpankBang is a foreign adult site that covers all types of adult videos. Not only foreign adult videos but also many Japanese adult videos are registered, and you can watch them for free in up to 4K ultra high definition. The biggest advantage of SpankBang is that there are many uncensored videos available.

Popular genres: ASMR, Japanese, anime, etc.

TOKYO Motion

How to Upload Videos on TokyoMotion [Benefits] |

TOKYO Motion, as the name suggests, is a free AV site in Japan that specializes in Japanese adult videos. It is characterized by its abundance of amateur-style self-shot videos and intense fighting videos. Furthermore, there are many paid works by famous AV producers featured on the site, making it rich in variety. Also, the ability to enjoy videos in HD quality is a delightful point.

Genres: Amateur, Masturbation, Homemade, Creampie, etc.



As a substitute for ivfree, JapanHub is a site that offers free Japanese adult videos to Japanese viewers. The greatest advantage of this site is that works featuring popular AV actresses such as Ayase Ren, Asada Yuna, Kuroki Mai, Shinozaki Yuu, Nanami Nanami, Ayami Shunka, and Morikawa Ryoka are fully available for free viewing.

Genres: Latest Releases, Most Viewed, Most Commented



As a substitute for ivfree, Supjav is an adult site where you can watch unlimited erotic videos for free. Its main feature is the large number of uncensored videos available, including videos that were commercially sold on FC2, all for free viewing. The lineup of AV works is also quite good, with many users commenting that they "love" using it. Supjav is recommended for those looking for free erotic videos, and can be used as a substitute for ivfree.

Genres: Mosaic Breaking, Uncensored, Amateur Videos, JAVHD

How to Download Erotic Videos from Adult Sites - KeepStreams, the Adult Downloader

When internet congestion, site heaviness, and decreased communication speed become stressful for video viewing, consider downloading erotic videos from the internet to save on your device. In such cases, it is recommended to use KeepStreams, the adult downloader, which allows you to download videos from ivfree.

You can safely and comfortably save videos, with compatibility for all video sites. Additionally, you can download videos in up to 1080P resolution and save videos of about 2 hours in length in just 5 minutes, making it easy to enjoy. There are many other features as well, but let's start with a trial first.

From premium streaming services like FANZA, MGStage, Hey! Video, to adult sites such as MissAV, Sokmil, SupJav, you can download adult videos from over 1000 sites.
  • Compatible with Windows and MAC, making downloads extremely convenient!
  • You can save FANZA's streaming AV in full HD.
  • You can save in MP4/MKV format, so you don't need to use the DMM Player.
  • It has a user-friendly and easy-to-use UI.
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This time, we introduced Ivfree, a free adult video viewing site that handles a large number of DVDs featuring Arabian idols. Ivfree features many Arabian idols with cute faces, providing the perfect content for tonight's solo activities.

If you wish to save and watch such videos, we recommend using KeepStreams - Adult Content Downloader. By downloading from Ivfree, you can safely and comfortably save videos and watch them at your own pace.

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