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8 software to download Xhamster videos on your computer

| Adult Services |
Updated on Jul 06, 2022 | 3 Minutes Reading
This article introduces 8 software programs that allow you to download Xhamster videos on your computer.

Xhamster is an international free erotic video site. It has a wide variety of genres and different content from different countries. In every country, there are many movies posted from that country. Xhamster is also safe and free of spammy ads. You can often watch videos without ads (if a channel has ads, you will see a 5-second ad). It's very nice to be able to enjoy as many videos as I want for free! In this article, we will introduce 8 software to download Xhamster videos on your computer.

No. 1 KeepStreams for Xhamster

KeepStreams for Xhamster download is fast and the batch mode feature allows you to download multiple videos at once. I have also used this software and found it to be light and smooth. I was not worried at all because the software is in Japanese!

No. 2 Y2Mate Xhamster Downloader

Y2Mate Xhamster Downloader is a great tool that allows you to use it to download porn videos from Xhamster.

With this tool, you can enjoy your favorite videos like never before.Y2Mate Pornhub Downloader supports high quality downloads with premium sound and video quality. In other words, you can enjoy cinema-like quality in the comfort of your home.

No. 3 FlixPal Xhamster Downloader

FlixPal Xhamster Downloaderallows you to downloadany adult video from Xhamster. Files downloaded from FlixPal are saved as MP4 format and music files as MP3 format. FlixPal's control panel is very simple and easy to use.

No. 4 Recordcast

Recordcast is a basic free screen recording software that requires no installation and can start recording as soon as you open the site. I was surprised at how easy it was to use. As you can see below, you can record right in your browser, and if necessary, you can download & edit it.

However, the free plan only allows you to save up to 5 minutes and in 480p. With the Plus plan, you can save in 1080p, but even then it is limited to 30 minutes, so it is not suitable for long-term productions.

No. 5 VideoProc

A multifunctional software that can handle everything from video downloading to DVD conversion. It has a full range of functions, and some people who have actually used it are satisfied that it is at a level where they do not need to buy the paid version. The price is 5,480 yen even if you buy the permanent version, so it is probably one of the cheapest. However, since it is multifunctional, it takes a little time to install. Nevertheless, it is a valuable software that can be used as Xhamster free screen recorder. If you want to know more, please refer to the article " VideoProc Usage and Reputation ".

No. 6 Wondershare

Wondershare is a company that develops and sells software such as screen recording software, video editing, and photo editing. DemoCreator is one of their screen recording software. It comes with features that make it easy to use for screen recording, and it can also record with an external microphone. However, since the emphasis is on editing, you are automatically taken to the editing screen after recording.... There are annual and perpetual fees, with the annual fee being a bargain at ¥2,380. However, the permanent fee is for about 2 years, so if you plan to use it for a long time, you will not lose money if you choose the permanent option.

No. 7 VideoSolo Screen Recording

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a screen recording software that allows you to save your desktop, online videos, webcams, and more in HD. With a wide range of output functions, it is easy to record and save to DVD or SD card. The scheduled recording feature will even start recording automatically. One reviewer said, "The microphone sound was also very well included and helpful. When I recorded, I felt the audio was a bit poor, but if you don't mind, it's no problem at all. The most important thing is that the fee is inexpensive at 2,980 yen per year, and even if you buy it permanently, the price is only 1,000 yen.

No. 8 Debut

Debut is a screen recording software that allows you to save your selected area in high quality. It is very versatile and can burn saved videos directly to DVD. This makes it convenient if you want to keep it in a form for the long term. You have a lot of flexibility to increase the screen contrast and change the output settings, but it may be tricky if you are not used to it. The Professional version and the Home version are only about 1,000 yen apart, but the Home version is literally sufficient for home use. The professional version has all functions, but is mainly for companies.


With Xhamster, you can watch free and high quality pornographic videos. And if you find a video you like, try one of the 8 download tools above. However, from my personal experience, the one I recommend the most is KeepStreams for Xhamster, which allows you to download and permanently store erotic videos in the highest quality, a feature that is hard to believe.

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