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Summary of how to download Tweak Video [PC Software, Smartphone Apps, Chrome Extensions].

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Updated on Feb 23, 2024 | 5 Minutes Reading
What do you do if you want to download a live or premium stream of a Tweakcast, and how to download it for a variety of devices, including PC, iPhone, and Android? What is the fastest and highest quality way to save the archived streaming among them? Please check out this article so that you can enjoy the fascinating contents of Tweakath anytime you want!

Tweekas is a service that allows users to stream videos taken with smartphones and other devices on the Internet in real time. it is gaining popularity, especially among men and women in their 20s, and offers a variety of content, including makeup commentary and live video game playback. But how can you download videos from Tweakath and watch them offline? This article will explain in detail how to download and save videos from Tweakath in high quality, explaining the three methods in order: PC software, Chrome extensions, and smartphone apps, so please take a look.

Why do I need to download Tweakathon videos?

Some of you may be asking, "Is there a need to download Tweakathon videos?" you may wonder, but the following four points will help you understand the necessity.

Necessity of Tweakas Download
  • - Lack of download functionality: Recordings of the premier Tweakath delivery can be found in My Shop in the official store, but if you want to save them, you need to download them before the deadline. You will not be able to watch or save them 14 days after the delivery date and time, so it is necessary to use other downloading methods to save them permanently.
  • - System Requirements: The Tweakcast application requires iOS 15.0 or later or Android OS 9.0 or later versions. Viewing in a browser also requires the latest version, but if you download it, you can save it in MP4 format for playback on a variety of devices.
  • - Risk of Account Freeze: Violating the Terms of Service may result in temporary or permanent suspension of your Tweeps account. This may result in the inability to view ticketed videos. Therefore, downloading the content will allow you to enjoy the content even if your account is frozen.
  • - Restrictions on viewing works: There is a lot of content that requires the purchase of a premium ticket on Twitter. These works have a set viewing time limit and can usually only be viewed within the time limit. However, if you wish to view a work permanently, you can download and save it for unlimited playback.

PC Software] Download Tweakcasts to your computer with high quality.

If you want to save live and archived Tweakcasts in high quality and watch them later at your leisure, we recommend KeepStreams M3U8 downloader, the most functional PC software.

PC Software] Download Tweak to your computer with high quality -1

KeepStreams is a Windows and Mac compatible downloader that complements the Tweak PC download function and allows you to save videos in SDR or HDR resolution, ACC and EAC3 audio tracks, and SRT/TTL subtitle formats.

And with the batch download feature, you can download multiple videos at the same time. The auto-download function allows you to auto-download videos according to the show's streaming time and save the downloaded files as MP4/MKV/MP3.

In addition to Tweak, it supports Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Nico-dou, YouTube, bilibili, TVer, Z-an, ePlus, and many other services, so you can freely download various works with this one application. Below, we will explain how to download Tweak Tweak in high quality using KeepStreams M3U8 downloader.

Steps to Download Tweak Video with PC Software

Step 1 Visit the official KeepStreams website and download the client for Windows and Mac. Click the button below to start downloading directly.

Step2 Launch the KeepStreams client and enter the Tweeks site link in the address bar on the main screen. This will take you to the Tweakas site in the built-in browser.

How to download Candfans videos with PC software-1

Step3 After logging in to Tweakas, select the video you wish to download and go to the playback screen.

Steps to Download Tweak Video with PC Software -1

Step 4 In the window that appears, select the video, audio, and other storage formats,SDR and HDR resolutions, and audio quality up to 320 kbps, and click "Download Now" to start downloading the video. Downloaded videos can be viewed in the "Download" section on the left side of the main screen. Click on the video cover to play it directly offline.

Steps to Download Tweak Video with PC Software - 2

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[Smartphone Apps] Downloading Tweakcast to iPhone and Android

[Smartphone App] Downloading Tweakathon to iPhone and Android -1

If you want to download Tweakcast videos on your smartphone instead of a PC, I recommend "Clipbox+," which the author has been using for a long time. Clipbox+" is an easy-to-use application that supports both iPhone and android and allows you to download videos, music, images, etc., and store & manage them in folders.

You can easily download video data from many social networking services such as YouTube, Twitter, FACEBOOK, and Instagram as well as Tweakcast. The application allows users to easily save and view videos, music, images, and electronic documents by creating and filtering filters. Below are the instructions on how to download and save Tweak videos to iPhone and android using "Clipbox+".

Steps to Download Tweakcast Videos with Smartphone App

Step 1: Download and install "Clipbox+" from your smartphone's app store. After launching, select "Browser".

Step 2: Go to the Tweak site in your browser and play the video you wish to save.

Step3: Tap "+" in the center of the screen, click "Are you ok?", then "Really?", set the destination folder and file name, and tap "OK" to start downloading the video.

Steps to download tweak videos on your phone app -1

(Image credit:

Chrome Extension] Downloading Tweakathon videos in your PC browser

The best way to download Tweakcast videos in your PC browser is to use a Chrome extension, a tool that you can add directly to your Chrome browser. The extension we will introduce here is called "Live Stream Downloader". This extension allows you to easily download tweakable videos within your browser, independent of your computer's operating system.

Live Stream Downloader features lightweight operation and can easily download many HLS videos in MP4 format. With this extension, you can save tweak videos with extreme ease. Below are the instructions on how to download from Tweeps using Live Stream Downloader.

Steps to download Tweakcast videos with a PC browser

Step 1 First, add live stream downloader to your extensions in chrome and activate it.

Steps to download Tweak Video with PC Browser-1

Step 2 Then, go to Candfans site in a new window, find the video you want to download and play it. Click on the live stream downloader icon in the upper right corner when you see a number.

Steps to download tweak videos in a PC browser - 2

Step3 In the window that appears, select the file you want to download and click "Download". After setting the destination, the video will start downloading.

Steps to download tweak videos in a PC browser - 3

Is it illegal to download Tweeps?

Most of the content offered on Tweakcast, especially the premium delivery, is protected by copyright. Therefore, unauthorized reproduction or secondary distribution of these works is illegal. Please refer to local laws for more information. In addition, please limit the viewing of videos downloaded from Tweety to personal use only. Distributing copyrighted content to others or reproducing or reprinting without permission falls outside the scope of personal use and may be an infringement of copyright and related legal rights. Please be aware of this.


We have introduced an easy way to save videos from tweets in high quality, but you may not have tried it yet.

You have the opportunity to get the Tweakcast feed through a variety of means, including PC software, smartphone apps, and Chrome extensions.

Particularly recommended, KeepStreams M3U8 downloader . With this feature-rich tool, you can easily download and enjoy videos from many sites, including Tweeps. Please give it a try!


If you are a first time user! Start with a free trial for a great price!

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