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Recommendation of 5 ways to safely download pornographic videos from TKTube.

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Updated on Mar 12, 2024 | 10 Minutes Reading
In this article, we will show you 5 ways to safely download pornographic videos from TKTube. There is also a download tool for beginners.

Are you addicted to TKTube, where you can watch erotic videos for free? You may have found a video you like but are not satisfied with just a temporary viewing and want to download it for more enjoyment.

But how can you safely download erotic videos on TKTube? In this article, we will show you 5 ways to download TKTube videos on your computer, smartphone, and other devices, so please check them out.

What is TKTube? An ad-profit website?

TKTube is a foreign-run adult site that has recently become popular and is completely free to watch. With dozens of adult titles being upgraded daily, and a wide variety of video genres such as FC2 video, uncensored, mosaic destruction, amateur, boyish, etc., and with the works being divided in detail by genre and by actress, you will easily find the video you want to watch here.

What is TKTube? An advertising profit type site? -1

Furthermore, since tktube is an illegal upload site consisting of erotic videos that are exclusively distributed by major erotic video distribution services such as FANZA and MGS are also updated here, one of its attractions is that you can watch originally charged works for free. When playing videos, the quality can reach from 320p to 720p, and some videos can reach 1080p, and some videos have " Chinese subtitles" and "English subtitles".

Is TKTube an ad-profit site?

When using TKTube, there are few pop-up advertisements, but if you click and tab on the play button when playing a movie, you may be redirected to another screen, where you may be exposed to malware infection or phishing scams. Therefore, TKTube is definitely an ad-profitable site.

but after checking tktube using a URL checking service, the site itself is virus-free, as shown in the figure below.

Is TKTube an ad profit type site? -1

I see, if you use TKTube for a long time, you might be infected with malware if you go to other malicious sites.
hyo Illustration
Kobayashi Ice
Yes, we do not recommend streaming TKTube videos for long periods of time. If you download and watch them slowly, the risk of infection should be "zero.

Here, we would like to introduce how to download TKTube videos for PC users and smartphone users.

For PC users】Download TKTube videos

PC Software ① KeepStreams M3U8 Downloader

PC Software ① KeepStreams M3U8 Downloader-1

KeepStreams M3U8 Download er is one of the hit single products of KeepStreams, a professional software manufacturer and distributor for streaming video downloads. nbsp;In addition to free adult sites like XVIDEOS and xHamster, you can download your favorite videos from a huge number of video sites like NicoDou, bilibili, TVer, NHK Video, Teletext, and more.

The greatest advantage of KeepStreams when downloading tktube porn videos is that it supports up to Full HD resolution and guarantees fast downloads as MP4, MKV, MPEG-4 AVC, and other formats with the best compatibility. It will be an advantage that the videos downloaded with the software can be permanently saved and easily transferred to smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

It is the most recommended software for PC users, as it is easy to use and supports both Windows and Mac computers. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use the software.

How to download TKTube videos with KeepStreams

Step 1
Download and install KeepStreams M3U8 downloader from the official KeepStreams website.
  Free Trial
URL in the address bar to access the site.

KeepStreams One|Usage Procedure-1

Step 2
Select one of the videos you wish to download here.

Amazon Music Converter Usage Step 2

Step 3
Play the video and KeepStreams will begin to analyze the video source.

KeepStreams One|Usage Procedure-2

Step 4
After selecting the format and resolution you wish to download, click "Download Now. The download will then begin.

KeepStreams One|Usage Procedure-3

Great Shan! I was impressed by the smoothness of the operation of this ministry.
hyo Illustration
Ice Kobayashi
If you want to download tktube videos on your PC, it's one of the easiest to use among the mountain of software out there!

PC Software 2) StreamFab DRM M3U8 Downloader

PC Software 2) StreamFab DRM M3U8 Downloader-1

StreamFab DRM M3U8 Downloader is a dedicated software that enables you to download videos from video streaming sites in 720p high quality and save them as MP4. As one of the products of the well-established brand "DVDFab", it can save videos from Pornhub, Xhamster, TKTube, MissAV, SupJav, and many other domestic and international adult sites with good quality.

With the automatic ads removal feature, you can automatically remove annoying pop-up ads when you download videos from TKTube. This way, you don't have to worry about being infringed by malicious ads or disturbed by busy communication environment during offline viewing.

StreamFab is another recommended PC software for PC users, as it is compatible with both Windows and Mac. See below for specific instructions on how to use it.

How to download TKTube videos with StreamFab

STEP1 Download and install the StreamFab program from the official website.

STEP2 Enter the TKTube site URL in the search field to access the site, select one of the downloaded videos and go to the playback screen.

Steps to download TKTube videos with StreamFab-1

STEP3 The video will be automatically analyzed, and in the pop-up window, select the output mass of the video, etc., and click "Download Now" to start downloading!

Steps to download TKTube videos with StreamFab-2

STEP4 The video being downloaded can be viewed under "Download" on the left side. Downloaded videos can be saved as MP4.

Steps to download TKTube videos with StreamFab - 3

hyo Illustration
Ice Kobayashi
For PC users, we have introduced two ways to download tktube videos, both of which can download videos from tktube stably and successfully, but for better quality preservation, KeepStreams is the recommended choice.

For smartphone users】Download tktube videos

How to save your smartphone (1) Tolmir

How to save your phone (1) Tolmir-1

Tolmir is a smartphone app that helps you download online videos and music from websites. With Tolmir, you can download TKTube videos to your cell phone from the app's built-in browser. The downloaded videos can be saved as MP4 for easy viewing.

Tolmir is also equipped with functions to open, play, and manage videos, music, and electronic dictionary files that have been downloaded from the app itself, as well as videos and photos stored in smartphone files.

If you save content from social networking sites and video sites on your smartphone, we recommend using TOLMIL. Below we explain how to use Tolmir. Please note that at this time, TORUMIR is only compatible with iOS.

How to download TKTube videos with Tormil

STEP1 Download & install "Torumil" from the App Store to your phone, then tab and launch it.

STEP2 Select "Browser". Search for TKTube in your browser, copy & paste the site URL, access the site, and play the video you wish to save.

STEP3 Tap the "+" button in the center of the application screen, tap "Are you ok?" -> "Really?", name the destination folder and file name, and then tap "OK" to start downloading TKTube videos.

Steps to download tweak videos on your phone app -1

(Image credit:

How to save your smartphone (2) Video Downloader

Video Downloader is a video downloader application for android users. With its software, you can download videos and music directly from your browser to your device and save them to your phone files in MP4, MP3, and other formats. You can easily play TKTube videos offline.

Moreover, Video Downloader's built-in browser can automatically detect TKTube videos. A powerful download manager is provided, which allows you to successfully download with just one click, and it also supports downloading multiple TKTube videos, which seems very convenient.

Below we will show you how to download TKTube videos using Video Downloader. It is very easy, so please feel free to use it intuitively without memorizing anything in particular.

How to download TKTube videos with Video Downloader

STEP1 Install "Video Downloader" from Google Play on your phone, then tab and open it.

STEP2 Search for TKTube in the address bar on the app's home page, or copy and paste the URL of the TKTube video you want to download directly into the playback screen of that video.

STEP3 After the video is automatically detected, a red download button will appear. You can tab on that button and select the desired quality for downloading (if the download button is gray, then it is not available). (Note that if the download button is gray, the video cannot be downloaded.)

Steps to download TKTube videos with Video Downloader-1

(Image credit:

Okay, it is convenient, but it seems that often the video cannot be downloaded.
hyo Illustration
Kobayashi Ice
That's right! If you can't download the file, please try another method.

How to save your phone (3) Offliberty

How to save your phone (3) Offliberty-1

Offliberty is an online site that allows you to extract the URL of streaming videos and music and save the files via the browser's download function. You can use that tool without the need to install any applications. The biggest advantage of is that you can analyze TKTube video URLs and download them directly.

In addition to TKTube, you can also download videos posted on YouTube, Nico Douga, pornhub, etc. Some music sources can also be downloaded and saved as MP3. It is very easy to use , just copy and paste the URL of the video you want to save, and then you can download it without any hassle.

However, please be sure to close your anti-virus software before downloading so that the files you are downloading are not considered at risk. Below we will explain how to download TKTube videos using Offliberty.

Steps to download TKTube videos with Offliberty

STEP1 Access Offliberty's official website with your phone's browser. Enter the URL of the TKTube video you wish to download in the search field on the homepage. (If you copy the TKTube video URL in advance, you can just plague it with a long press.)

STEP2 Click "OFF" and the video will be detected automatically. Tab the yellow button and go to the next page

STEP3 On the next playback page, tab [︙] and select "Download" to start downloading the video. You can check the download progress in the download file of your browser.

Steps to download TKTube videos with Offliberty-1


What do you think after reading the above? You can download any of the videos from TKTube, but you may be confused about which one to choose.

Well, I'm sorry to say, but based on my long experience, I recommend KeepStreams M3U8 downloader the most. It is very easy to use and even beginners will feel comfortable using it. It is the most stable and successful one among the tools we have introduced, and we hope you will give it a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to download videos from TKTube?

Although the TKTube site itself is virus-free, there is a great possibility of being infected by malware in the ads posted on that site. Therefore, if you are going to download TKTube, the author agrees that it is better to use PC software that can automatically remove ads and save them as pure video files.

2. Is it illegal to download videos from illegal upload sites like TKTube?

Many people may have been patronizing TKTube until then, because TKTube offers free access to paid-for streaming movies from various makers. However, since TKTube is an illegal upload site as rumored, those works are considered illegal for acts such as secondary distribution and illegal uploading. Please use downloaded videos for personal use only, as they may cause copyright infringement.

3. What if I can't view the TKTube site?

If you are unable to view the TKTube site, please consider the following three possible causes

  1. Has the site itself changed specifications?
  2. Has your browser been updated to the latest version?
  3. Was the site denied due to regional restrictions?

If the site is not viewable due to a site specification conversion, the only thing you can do is wait until the web page is restored. If your browser is still not updated to the latest version, you will not be able to access some parts of the site. Furthermore, if you cannot visit TKTube due to regional restrictions, you can try to access the site again using a VPN. You can also check for specific solutions in this article , " Why is TKTube so heavy and I can't see it? " to find out.

4. How do I delete my TKTube account?

If you have registered and logged in to TKTube, you are not able to delete your account by yourself. If you want to delete that account, please click "Contact Us" at the bottom of the site and send an e-mail to that operator to request deletion.

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