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LAXD videos are a transfer site for FC2 videos? Video regulations are more lenient than FC2 videos!

| Adult Services |
Updated on May 28, 2024 | 5 Minutes Reading
What is LAXD video in the first place? In this article, I would like to investigate and explain what kind of site LAXD video is, its features, and its safety. Please refer to it.

In 2021, are you aware of the newly launched LAXD video platform? It is a market site that distributes and sells digital content for adults. Up until 2023, the LAXD video market has been in operation. Although it is said to be similar to the FC2 video market in terms of content, with many services being offered, including a transitioning site from FC2 videos, what exactly is LAXD video? This article aims to explore and explain what kind of site LAXD video is, its features, and safety. Please consider it as a reference.

What is LAXD? An FC2 Transition Site?

LAXD video is a digital content market where you can post and enjoy videos and photo collections.

You can purchase and enjoy a wide range of adult videos, mainly focusing on "voyeurism," "amateurism," and "amateur shooting." Similar to FC2 videos, there is a point system in place, and it follows a single-item sales format. It is accessible on Android and iOS devices, allowing you to download purchased digital content to enjoy. The establishment of LAXD video is related to the tightening regulations of the FC2 video market.

Originally, FC2 videos were reported to the police for handling illegal adult videos. In order to move away from the negative image of being an "illegal site," FC2 videos have started to rigorously control video uploaders. For example, in FC2 videos, video sellers are required to submit identity verification documents. Videos without verified identities are entirely deleted. Video sellers who refuse to submit identity verification documents are banned from FC2's content and have moved to LAXD video.

Furthermore, videos that were mass-deleted due to unverified identities in FC2 have also been transferred to LAXD video. It's not uncommon to find videos in LAXD with the "FC2" logo or contents sold on FC2. The above details the background of the opening of LAXD video.

What are the characteristics of LAXD? How does it differ from FC2?

Next, I would like to explain the characteristics of LAXD video and the differences from FC2.

Monetizing Your Filmed Works

LAXD is a digital content market where you can, of course, post and sell your own works. As mentioned earlier, video sellers do not require identity verification, and people from abroad can also sell their works. On Twitter, you can find reviews confirming earnings in the LAXD market. Initially, there may not be many, but if you steadily build up your earnings in your own style?

Monetizing Your Filmed Works-1

A Variety of Erotic Videos!

LAXD boasts a lineup of over 300,000 works, including classic voyeurism, unique outdoor, exhibition, and amateur shooting videos.

Although it cannot be said that all the content is of high quality, it can be said that one of the features is being able to choose your favorite content from a wide variety of content.

FC2 has lenient restrictions on video uploads compared to other platforms!

On LAXD, which is open as a migration site from FC2, you can post video works without providing identification, so the video restrictions seem relatively relaxed.

Therefore, it cannot be denied that there may be content in the videos sold on LAXD that may have legal implications or fall into gray areas.

It is considered almost impossible to post child pornography videos, but since there are many individual posters on sites used around the world, nothing can be asserted absolutely.

When purchasing content from LAXD, one can only say that determining whether it is illegal or not is a matter of personal responsibility.

How safe is LAXD? What are the risks?

In LAXD videos, there are no significant risks related to personal security such as virus infection or leakage of personal information.

On the LAXD website, company information, privacy policy, and terms of use are properly displayed. Safety can be ensured as privacy management is strictly mentioned. The possibility of security damage due to malicious programs is extremely low.

How safe is LAXD? What are the risks?-1

As mentioned above, the operating company of LAXD is NEMESIS AGENT, INC., located in California, USA.

If you want to download LAXD content, use KeepStreams!

If you want to download content delivered on LAXD or content purchased from the LAXD market, what should you do? Here, we recommend the software specialized in downloading adult videos for Windows and MAC - KeepStreams Downloader.

If you want to download LAXD content, use KeepStreams!-1

KeepStreams Downloader is a powerful download software that supports over 60 streaming services and sites including Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, FANZA, MGS, and LAXD.

Below are some advantages of KeepStreams Downloader:

✅Supports downloading LAXD videos up to HD quality.

✅You can save LAXD videos in versatile MP4 and MKV formats.

✅Download LAXD videos with 5.1 surround sound and Dolby Atmos.

✅Download multiple LAXD videos at once.

✅The free version of KeepStreams allows you to fully download 3 videos and fully support settings such as video quality, audio, and subtitles.


This time, we researched and introduced various aspects of LAXD videos.

LAXD Videos is a digital content market site that was launched as a migration site for FC2 contents, and is still in operation. Its specifications are similar to FC2, making it easy for those familiar with FC2 to use smoothly.

The videos posted on LAXD mainly focus on "voyeurism", "amateur" and "homemade", boasting a rich lineup of over 300,000 videos.

It may seem that video regulations are more relaxed on FC2, but content that cannot be found on FC2 may be found on LAXD.

Please use it in a way that does not violate the law.

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