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Download Porn Videos with KeepStreams!
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Thoroughly] Explanation of two ways to save videos from JavFan.

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Updated on Oct 28, 2022 | 3 Minutes Reading
This article will show you how to easily save videos from JavFan; all videos on JavFan are high quality and all videos are available in 1080p.

JavFan may be just what you've been looking for. It is, in a nutshell, a simple porn portal. Seriously, it has some great Jav videos in HD, and that is all I am going to say about it. The videos are all in high quality, and as far as I can tell, all of them are available in 1080p. What's more, the site is completely free, no restrictions, no registration, no payment, and you can watch as many videos as you want. This article will show you how to save videos from JavFan easily.

How to record videos from JavFan with VideoProc Converter

VideoProc has a free version and a paid version. There are major differences between the free and paid versions. To record videos with the free version, you will see a watermark logo "VideoProc-Recorder" on the recording screen. After purchasing the paid version, that required logo can be removed.

It is important to note that when you record JavFan videos with VideoProc, you may not be able to record some videos because they may have DRM, which is an anti-recording technology.

1. Go to the VideoProc homepage in your browser and download the software.

2. Launch the software. Once launched, the hardware information will be displayed as shown in the figure below, and click "Next.

Click the "Record" button on the VideoProc screen. 4.

4. You will enter the recording screen. This section describes the four buttons.

FYI: Click this button to specify where you want to save the video file.

Screen Recording: Project the screen on your PC. Click "Record Screen" to capture your PC screen.

Audio Settings: Adjust volume and microphone audio.

Clip: Click "Clip" to clip the area you want to record. 4.

Click "Clip" to specify the range, then click the green check button. 5.

5. Press "REC" to start recording.

6. Click "STOP" if you want to stop recording. The video will be saved automatically.

How to download videos from JavFan with KeepStreams

If you want to download videos from jav adult sites such as JavFan, Javhub, and Javtheater, as well as free erotic sites such as missav and thisav, KeepStreams is your one choice. with KeepStreams, you can download videos up to 1080p, in MP4 format Download adult videos from JavFan in MP4 format up to 1080p. Download videos up to 3 times faster than other downloading software. Even full HD quality and large videos can be downloaded in a few minutes with short waiting time.

5 ways to download porn videos from Javtheater

5 ways to download videos from JAVFC2.NET

KeepStreams is a paid software, but now you can download any video with 3 free trials. You can download videos in up to 4K quality. And regardless of the length of the downloaded video, you can download movies, documentaries, shows, etc. for free.

After three free trials, you can purchase the paid version of KeepStreams and continue using it.

1. enter the official website of Keep Streams. Download KeepStreams to your computer. (100% clean and safe).

Open the KeepStreams folder you downloaded and install KeepStreams.

3. Launch KeepStreams and enter the official website URL of JAVFAN in the address bar of the built-in browser.

JAVFAN's official website URL

4. Once you enter the official website of JAVFAN, you can watch videos directly on the built-in browser of KeepStreams and select the videos you want to download, as it is free to use without registration.

5. After selecting the video you want to download, you will be taken to the playback page of this video. When the "M3U8" symbol in the upper left corner turns blue, this video is ready for download.

6. Click on "M3U8" and a pop-up window will appear. After selecting the quality you want to save, press "Download Now" and downloading will begin. You can download videos in up to 1080p. Some videos may be saved in up to 720p.

Both VideoProc Converte and KeepStreams are feature-rich video saving software, but KeepStreams allows you to download directly after selecting the video you want to download, unlike recording software, which records while playing the video. The download is completed in a few minutes, and the waiting time is quite short. In this respect, KeepStreams is the number one download software.

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