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Summary of 8 ways to download FANZA videos to PC|What is the strongest downloading technique to preserve them permanently?

Updated on Apr 09, 2024 | 15 Minutes Reading
As one of the largest adult sites in Japan, FANZA offers a full range of unlimited viewing and PPV sales titles! Even if a download function is included, it will be less convenient to watch them on a specialized player. In this article, we would like to introduce 8 options to download FANZA movies to your PC without restrictions.

FANZA (File), one of the largest adult video sites in Japan, offers a wide variety of genres, including those starring popular AV actresses; it is no exaggeration to say that if you subscribe to FANZA, you do not need any other AV service.

To watch FANZA, you need to pay a monthly fee and have an Internet environment. An official download function is provided, but there are viewing and downloading deadlines. In addition, you must be connected to the Internet and use a specific playback player to watch it. So, in this article, we would like to introduce 8 ways to download and record unlimited monthly subscription and purchased videos from Fanza without any restrictions.

Or, install Fanza Downloader now and enjoy the free trial!

Comparison chart of tools for downloading and recording FANZA videos

Before introducing the software that can effectively download FANZA videos, let's carefully select and compare five of the eight FANZA recording/downloading tools that can provide smooth downloading. Since speed and quality are usually affected when using recording tools, we choose Wondershare, which offers the highest quality, and compare its performance in detail.

FANZA Saving Software






Ease of use
 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Saving Method
 DCV Extension Converter
Fast Download
 DRM Removal Download
 Screen Recording
Maximum Resolution
 🥇4K 2160p
 Full HD 1080p
 Full HD 1080p
 HD 720p
 / /ACC/EAC3
 / /Audio
Video Codec
 SDR/HDR/Dobly Vision
 H264/H265 /
Save Format 🥇MP4/MPEG-4/MKV
Free Trial
 🥇120 video files
 3 FANZA Movies
 3 FANZA Movies
 1 FANZA Movies
 First 5 minutes of each video
2GB file saved
Time required
 🥇10 minutes
15 min.
 15 min.
 More than 30 minutes
 2 hours
Purchase Price
 59.99 per year
 64.9 per year
 11250 per year
 89.9 per year
 6980 per year
System Requirements

However, there are other software to download and record Fanza videos. Below is a list of 8 software to download and record Fanza videos for those who want to save Fanza offline.

🥇1 Best FANZA Downloader--KeepStreams FANZA Downloader

🥇 #1 FANZA's most powerful downloading technique--KeepStreams FANZA downloader-1

 User-friendly interface
  Guaranteed 4K high quality downloads
 Stable and fast downloads
 Convert DCV format to MP4 Convert DCV format to MP4
 Free Trial or Available
  Ads removed
 There is a limit of 700 downloads per week.
 Up to 3 downloads from Fanza if free

KeepStreams FANZA Downloader is a PC software to download FANZA videos in MP4 files up to 4K quality for both Windows and MAC. KeepStreams allows you to download multiple videos at once with high speed and convenience.

The author himself is a fan of this software, and was amazed by its light operation and smooth downloading, to the extent that he was able to download an AV movie of more than 2 hours in about 10 minutes. And since it is fully compatible with Japanese language, you can use it without any worries! Before purchasing, you can download 3 av videos completely free and customize the picture quality, sound quality, and subtitles to your liking. It's a pleasure.

Download Fanza videos from our free trial!

 Free Trial

Y2Mate FANZA Downloader 🥈2.FANZA Video Downloader

FANZA Video Downloader Y2Mate FANZA Downloader-1

  It's not a " recording", it's a fast download.
  Can be downloaded in batch processing.
 5.1ch audio and 1080p
 Free trial will be available
 Ads removed
 Prices are high for a small amount of money
 Up to 3 free downloads from FANZA

Y2Mate FANZA Downloader is a downloader that allows you to download videos from Fanza with DRM removed. By utilizing this tool, you can download your favorite FANZA porn videos in the best quality (up to Full HD) with premium sound and video quality support.

If you want to savor them in the comfort of your home environment, Y2Mate FANZA Downloader is one of the perfect software for you. It is my personal favorite software of the year because it is highly worth using and allows you to watch fanza videos off-run and slowly with clear images and powerful sound.

StreamFab FANZA Downloader 🥉3. FANZA Video Downloader StreamFab FANZA Downloader

StreamFab FANZA Downloader-1 for downloading FANZA videos 🥉3.

 Secure and fast download .
  Software from well-established brands.
  Download in high quality
 Free trial available
  Ads removed
 little high monthly price
 31-day free trial

StreamFab FANZA Downloader allows you to download your favorite FANZA movies to a local folder on your PC and stream them whenever possible. This allows you to freely enjoy your favorite movies without being bound by viewing deadlines or DMM's designated player.

Moreover, this tool is very easy to use, even for beginners. You can get adult videos without any hassle. And since the monthly plan of StreamFab FANZA Downloader is a little more expensive than other software, if you buy it, you'll be better off with the indefinite version.

No. 4.FANZA Video Downloader FlixPal Downloader

4th.FANZA video downloader FlixPal Downloader-1

  High-quality downloads
  High cost performance
 Not well known

FlixPal is a PC software that is compatible with Windows and MAC for seamless FANZA video downloading, allowing you to choose the video quality that best suits your needs, from 720p to 2K. It also supports not only FANZA, but also MGS, MissAV, myfans, Pornhub, and many other adult sites.

However, the download speed when using FlixPal to save FANZA videos is rather slow: downloading an AV movie of 2 hours or more may take 30~45 minutes. Therefore, it may not be suitable for users who want to download at high speed. Overall, FlixPal is a feature-rich downloader and is recommended for users who want to download videos from a wide variety of sites.

No. 5.FANZA Video Recording Software Recordcast Recording Software

5th.FANZA video recording software Recordcast Recording software-1

To get around the limitations of FANZA's official download function, many users try to record FANZA. Recordcast, a basic free-to-use screen recording software, requires no installation and can start recording as soon as you open the site. The author has actually used it and was surprised at how easy it is. You can record in your browser as shown below, and you can download & edit it if needed.

However, the free version only saves the first 5 minutes of a long AV, and only in 480p. If you set it to Plus, you can save in 1080p, but even then you can only record in 30 minutes. Some reviewers say that it is "very convenient for recording on video sharing sites," but in actual use, I can say that it is difficult to use because it does not support Japanese language.

No. 6. VideoProc Video Recording Software for FANZA Videos

6th.FANZA Video Recording Software VideoProc Recording Software-1

Videoproc is another easy-to-use recording software. The latest version of videoproc has been rebranded as videoproc converter, which requires a software download and adds numerous video editing features in addition to video recording. The software can be downloaded directly from the official website, and the instructions are concise, easy to understand, and feature-packed.

What the latest version of videoproc offers is not so much a video recording function, but rather a video downloading function: by importing the URL of the FANZA video into videoproc, the FANZA video can be downloaded directly. But it must be said undeniably, such a download method will require a lot of time when you want to download a large amount of video. It is said that a moment's spring evening is worth a thousand dollars, so you should not use it where you are in a hurry because you will spend your precious time pasting URLs.

No. 7. FANZA Video Conversion Software Wondershare DemoCreator

7th.FANZA video converter Wondershare DemoCreator-1

Wondershare is a company that develops and sells software for screen recording, video editing, and photo editing. Among them, the DemoCreator software is responsible for screen recording. This software has an easy-to-use screen recording feature and comes with an external microphone recording function, making it easy to record FANZA videos.

However, due to the screen recording, the speed of saving FANZA erotic videos can be somewhat slow. Occasionally, it may not be possible to record and save streaming videos, so care should be taken (when recorded, the video screen turns black and nothing is visible ).

No. 8. FANZA Video Recording Software VideoSolo Screen Recording

8th.FANZA video recording software VideoSolo Screen Recording-1

VideoSolo Screen Recording is a screen recording software to record and save desktop, online videos, webcams, etc. in HD quality. With a wide range of output functions, you can easily save recorded content to DVD or SD card. It also features a scheduled recording function that automatically starts recording.

However,according to user reviews, some users say that the microphone sound is also well included, which is helpful. When the author recorded his own FANZA video, some said that the audio seemed slightly insufficient, but if you don't mind that, it's perfectly fine.

What is the most recommended FANZA downloader?

Among the 8 FANZA downloader software, the following are the most recommended ones that offer fast download speeds and at the same time guarantee high security, and also fullysupportMP4/MKV formats KeepStreamsFANZA Downloader is by far the best choice.

If you want to download and save FANZA streaming videos, KeepStreams is the best choice because of its high-end features and ease of use. Below are the recommendations for KeepStreams FANZA Downloader.

Recommendations for KeepStreams FANZA Downloader
  • It supports Windows and MAC, and downloading is very convenient!
  • Save FANZA streaming AV up to Full HD.
  • With a wide selection of output formats, you can convert from DCV format to MP4/MKV.
  • Easy-to-understand and easy-to-operate UI.
  • Automatic update feature to keep you always up-to-date with the latest version.
  • 7-day money-back guarantee if purchased within 24 hours.

The following is a step-by-step guide to download FANZA videos using KeepStreams FANZA Downloader.

Flow of downloading FANZA videos

Below is an explanation of how to easily download FANZA videos. If you follow these steps, you can easily download FANZA videos. Please try it out.

First, please check your operating environment for KeepStreams.

  • Windows 11,10,8.1,8,7 (32/64 bit) / macOS Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey
  • 4GB RAM or higher
  • 40GB free hard disk space or more

How to use KeepStreams FANZA Downloader

STEP1 Access the official KeepStreams website, select and download KeepStreams according to the model you are using, and launch it after downloading. You can also download it directly by clicking the following button.

STEP2 Click on "Adult Services" on the left side of the KeepStreams operation screen. You will then see a list of supported streaming services. From here, select "FANZA" and click on it.

KeepStreams FANZA Downloader Usage Procedure-1

STEP3 When the FANZA top page appears, open the menu in the upper right corner of the screen and select "Login" to log in to your DMM account. Enter your e-mail address, ID, and password as required information to log in.

KeepStreams FANZA Downloader Usage Procedure-2

STEP4 After successfully logging in, purchase the video content you wish to download, or select the movie you wish to download from the content you have already purchased and play.

KeepStreams FANZA Downloader Usage Procedure-3

STEP5 You will then be presented with a screen where you can select the quality of the video you wish to download. Here, freely select the quality of the video you wish to download.

KeepStreams FANZA Downloader Usage Procedure-4

STEP6 Click the "Download Now" button to start downloading FANZA videos. Even if the video is a long one, the download will be completed in just a few moments. When the download is finished, you can check the video in the documents folder of your own computer, for example.

KeepStreams FANZA Downloader Usage Procedure-5

And KeepStreams is not only for FANZA, but also for MGS, Hey Videos! and download adult videos from more than 30 adult sites, including Onlyfans, Sokmil, Pornhub, MissAV, and many more. With KeepStreams Adult Downloader, a value-priced bundle product, you can enjoy the service ofdownloading videos from various adult sites, which is more economical than other download software.


These are the 8 software programs that can download FANZA's adult videos, and although FANZA has a download function, you can use external software to enjoy offline the works that are not eligible for downloading. After various uses by the author, from recording, KeepStreams FANZA Downloader and other downloading software is more comfortable than recording. Most of the software offers a free version, so it is recommended to check it out first before considering purchasing.

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