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Summary of how to download & save videos from Candfans|Candfans download with efficiency and high quality

| Adult Services |
Updated on Feb 22, 2024 | 5 Minutes Reading
Candfans explains how to download your favorite videos with PC software, Chrome extensions and smartphone apps, one by one! Choose the one that's right for you. We also show you how to download Candfans videos efficiently and with high quality! Check it out!

Candfans (formerly Fanty) is one of Japan's largest fan club social networking services, where you can watch special works by your favorite creators by subscribing to a plan or purchasing single items. But how can you save videos from Candfans to watch later? This article will show you how to download and save videos from Candfans in high quality, covering three parts: PC software, Chrome extensions, and smartphone apps.

About the need to download Candfans videos

Many people may ask, "Do I need to download Candfans videos?" but the following four points will help you understand why you need to do so.

Necessity of downloading Candfans videos
  • Lack of download functionality: Candfans does not have a download function, so users must rely on their Internet environment to watch videos. However, if Candfans videos can be downloaded, users will be able to watch videos regardless of their communication environment.
  • Operating environment limitations: The Candfans application requires iOS 14 or Android 9 or higher. Also, viewing on a computer requires the latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. If saved in MP4 format, Candfans videos can be played on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and even TVs. You can play Candfans videos on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and even TVs.
  • Risk of account freeze: If you violate the terms of service, your account may be temporarily or permanently suspended. This will prevent you from viewing the videos you have subscribed to. Therefore, downloading and saving Candfans videos gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you can always play your favorite content, even if your account is frozen.
  • Restricted viewing of productions: Some content on Candfans is only accessible to certain plans and their viewing periods are limited. By downloading videos you have subscribed to, you can play Candfans videos without restrictions, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content at any time without being affected by viewing restrictions.

Method I: Download Candfans efficiently and with high quality with PC software

If you want to save your favorite Candfans movies with high quality and fast speed, we recommend you to use PC software. KeepStreams M3U8 Downloader is the best choice for saving your favorite works in Candfans in high quality and fast.

Method One: Download Candfans efficiently and with high quality with PC software-1

GPU acceleration improves the quality of the saved video data. Because this software allows you to save streaming playback videos in HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) and M3U8 formats easily and with high quality, it is compatible with a variety of video sites, including Candfans, myfans, fc2, YouTube, TVer, bilibili, NicoDou, etc. Both Windows and Mac versions are provided.

With KeepStreams, you can choose the resolution of the video you want to download, from 320p to 1080p, and save the audio track ACC, EAC3, etc. freely. Furthermore, if you have subtitles, you can save them in SRT or TTL format. With this software, you can save downloaded videos in MP4 or MKV format for free offline viewing, and we hope you will use KeepStreams M3U8 downloader to make your viewing experience on Candfans more enjoyable. Below are instructions on how to use KeepStreams.

How to Download Candfans Videos with PC Software

Step 1 Go to the official website of KeepStreams and download the PC software for Windows and Mac versions. Moreover, click the button below to download directly.

Step2 Launch the KeepStreams client and enter the Candfans site link in the address bar on the main screen. This will take you to the Candfans site in the built-in browser.

How to download Candfans videos with PC software-1

Step3 After logging into Candfans, select the Candfans video you wish to download and go to the playback screen.

How to download Candfans videos with PC software - 2

Step 4 Select the video quality in the window that appears,

  • Click "Download Now" to start downloading the video.
  • You can also click "Add to Queue" to batch download other videos at a later time.

You can see the videos that have already been downloaded in the "Downloads" section on the left side of the main screen. Click on the video cover to play it directly offline.

How to download Candfans videos with PC software - 3

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Method Two: Download Candfans easily with Chrome Extensions

You can easily save Candfans productions by utilizing Chrome Extensions, which are special add-on programs that extend and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. One of the most useful tools is the "live stream downloader" video preservation tool. This Chrome extension can download streaming videos in HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) format and save videos from various video sites including YouTube for free.

Live Stream Downloader

The resolution can be selected from 320p to 720p and saved in mp4 format. It is easy to use and the extension works automatically to download streaming videos during video playback.

Steps to download Candfans videos with chrome extension

Step 1 First, add live stream downloader to the extension in chrome and activate it.

Steps to download Candfans videos with chrome extension-1

Step 2 Then, go to the Candfans site in a new window, find the video you want to download and play it. Click on the live stream downloader icon in the upper right corner when you see a number.

Steps to download Candfans videos with chrome extension-2

Step3 In the window that appears, select the file you want to download and click "Download". After setting the destination, the video will start downloading.

Steps to download Candfans videos with chrome extension-3

Method 3: Download Candfans easily with a smartphone app

Method Three: Download Candfans easily with a smartphone app -1

You can easily download Candfans videos by utilizing a smartphone app. "Clipbox+", developed for Android and iOS users, is an app that meets this need. The app is specialized for smartphones and tablets, not PCs, and supports not only downloading videos, music, and images, but also decompressing compressed files.

You can easily manage your downloaded files by dividing them into folders and locking them. Therefore, if you want to easily download and enjoy Candfans videos, Clipbox+ is the only way to do it. Below we explain how to download Candfans videos with Clipbox+.

Steps to download Candfans videos with the smartphone app

Step 1 Download and install Clipbox+ from your phone's app store. After launching, select Browser.

Step2 Access the Candfans website in your browser and play the video you wish to save.

Step3 Tap the "+" in the center of the screen, click "Are you ok?" then "Really?", set the destination folder and file name, and tab "OK" to start downloading the video.

Is it illegal to download Candfans?

Much of the content provided on your Candfans is protected by copyright. Therefore, unauthorized reproduction or secondary distribution of these works is illegal. Please refer to your local laws for more information.

Videos downloaded from Candfans should be viewed for personal use only. Distributing copyrighted content to others or reproducing or reprinting without permission falls outside the scope of personal use and may be an infringement of copyright and related legal rights. Please be aware of this.


We have shown you how to easily save your favorite videos from Candfans, but many of you may not have tried it yet.

Here is your chance to get your hands on Candfans' fascinating content using a variety of methods, including PC software, Chrome extensions, and smartphone apps.

We especially recommend the following, which boast a wide variety of supported sites and fast download speeds KeepStreams M3U8 downloader which offers a wide variety of supported sites and fast download speeds. With this handy tool, you can easily download and enjoy videos from many sites, including Candfans. Please give it a try!


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