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GOGOAnime has closed down? Here are some recommended alternative similar sites.

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Updated on May 28, 2024 | 5 Minutes Reading
The rumor that GOGOAnime is going to be shut down has been circulating, so it would be wise to prepare an alternative site just in case. In today's article, we will introduce a list of sites that can be used as alternatives to GOGOAnime.

Rumors abound that GOGOAnime is on the verge of closure, so it would be wise to prepare an alternative site just in case.

In today's article, we will compile and introduce alternative sites to GOGOAnime.

The Current Status of GOGOAnime

The Current Status of GOGOAnime-1

Are you familiar with the site known as GoGoAnime? GoGoAnime, like previously mentioned sites Kissanime and anitube, is an illegal overseas site where anime can be watched for free. One of the distinctive features of GoGoAnime is not only the vast array of anime, but also a staggering number of videos across genres such as adventure, games, horror, supernatural realms, and girl's love, among others.

Is GOGOAnime a Copyright Infringing Site?

It is a fact that GOGOAnime is an overseas pirate site and that there are many adult advertisements while watching. However, due to the large number of anime available, it seems that many people still watch GOGOAnime. Despite its violations, GOGOAnime can still be accessed, making it highly popular among fans.

The Risks of GOGOAnime

There are currently two main risks. One is that accessing pirate sites is illegal in itself. The other is that computers are vulnerable to viruses. Not only is viewing such sites illegal, but simply becoming infected with a computer virus can lead to significant problems. Troubles such as the computer not powering on, unauthorized access to personal information, and other such issues may occur.

5 Recommended Unlimited Anime Viewing Sites as Alternatives to GOGOAnime

Given the current situation, it wouldn't be surprising if GOGOAnime were to be blocked at any time. Therefore, we will introduce sites where videos can be watched for free instead.



The rising star among anime sites at the moment is 9Anime. With its high quality, watching anime at home feels like being in a movie theater. It offers over a thousand anime and movies, with a rich collection of English content and subtitles.



Anime-Planet is a site that exudes charm even upon first visit. The unique UI design crafted by professionals adds to its appeal. Most importantly, Anime-Planet is a legally permissible anime streaming site, boasting over 45,000 titles. is not just a video site, but rather a curated collection of your favorite sites. You can save your preferred websites and quickly access them. Moreover, if the site you want to watch is already saved, you can easily register by simply clicking on the name of that website. Initially an English-only site, Japanese translation has been recently added, allowing Japanese users to easily navigate.



When it comes to alternatives to GOGOAnime, Crunchyroll stands out as a site of overwhelming popularity. With over 25,000 animated episodes available, Crunchyroll caters to a global audience by offering content in multiple languages.


AniWatcher has been recognized as the most user-friendly anime streaming site. It offers not only the latest popular anime but also previous dubbed and subtitled versions. For those always looking to watch the newest releases, be sure not to miss out!

How to Download Videos from Anime Sites Like GOGOAnime

Today, I would like to introduce the user-friendly and secure KeepStreams. KeepStreams allows you to save videos in up to 4k ultra-high definition quality. Furthermore, you can easily enjoy videos from sites like GOGOAnime offline, anywhere.

Key Features of KeepStreams

・Download high-quality videos

When watching videos offline, high quality is essential. Thus, KeepStreams supports up to 1080p resolution, ensuring you can enjoy videos in high quality.

・High-speed batch downloading

Download multiple videos at once for quicker enjoyment.

・Ad-free downloading

・Download subtitles as SRT files and easily incorporate them into the video

・Convenient video search browser

・Download videos in MP4 and MKV formats

Let's Download KeepStreams

1. Choose the compatible version on Keepstreams' official website and the download will commence.

Let's Download KeepStreams-1

Keepstreams is compatible with downloads for both Mac and Windows systems. Please note that without checking the system in advance, you may not be able to install the correct downloads.

2. Upon launching Keepstreams, enter the URL of the video you wish to download in the search bar and verify its content.

Let's Download KeepStreams-2

3. After confirming the video content you wish to download, click and proceed to the details page.

Let's Download KeepStreams-3

4. Enter the detailed information page and scroll to the bottom of the page to select the "RELATED ANIME" anime.

Let's Download KeepStreams-4

5. Click on "Watch now," choose the episode you wish to download.

Let's Download KeepStreams-5

Let's Download KeepStreams-6

6. Tap the "Play" icon, select your desired video quality (up to 1080p), audio, subtitles, and then choose "Download Now" in the window that appears.

Let's Download KeepStreams-7

7. On the displayed page, select your desired video source, quality, subtitles, and audio, and click "Download Now" to start the download. If you want to download multiple videos, you can click on "[Add to Queue]" to download all videos at once.

Let's Download KeepStreams-8

3 Recommended Unlimited Video Streaming Services as Alternatives to GOGOAnime

In addition to GOGOAnime, I would like to introduce other legally approved video sites. Of course, you can also use Keepstreams, so feel free to give it a try anytime.



U-NEXT has devoted itself to the experience of watching videos and has worked hard to level up. It has become a representative online video service in Japan, providing a wide range of content to users, including anime, TV series, entertainment, and movies. Some of the anime available are "Jujutsu Kaisen," "My Hero Academia," "Slime 300," "Tokyo Revengers," and "KochiKame."



Hulu is a leading video streaming site in the United States that started its service in 2007. It offers TV shows, movies, web videos, anime, trailers, clip videos, behind-the-scenes footage, and more. Popular anime like "Gintama" and "Dragon Ball" can all be watched here.



FODプレミアム is Fuji TV's official anime and e-book distribution service. It offers super popular anime like "Attack on Titan," "Demon Slayer," and "BEASTARS." While there are both free and paid services available, they also provide a service called "FOD Missed Free" where you can watch currently airing popular TV shows.


This time, we introduced GOGOAnime and alternative sites. Even if GOGOAnime is closed, you can still watch anime on alternative sites, so it may be wise to save them now for future use. Additionally, Keepstreams allows you to download anime from these sites, making it a very useful tool if used properly.

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