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erocool (エロクール) has closed down? What is the reason? Recommend a free erotic manga site to replace erocool.

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Updated on May 27, 2024 | 5 Minutes Reading
The free pirate site where you could read erotic manga, Erocool (, has been shutdown! What are some alternative manga sites? I also recommend using the KeepStreams downloader to be able to enjoy your favorite videos from anywhere.

The doujinshi site Erocool, where high-quality erotic manga can be read for free, is beloved and utilized by many readers.

In fact, Erocool contains many pirated manga, making it an illegal site.

In January of this year, the disappearance of the erotic manga site Erocool became a hot topic.

Suddenly, the Erocool site became inaccessible, and even the links to unfinished manga couldn't be accessed. There were no signs of a revival site either. It appears that the domain of Erocool ( has been completely shut down.

Is Erocool truly closed at this point?

Has the domain already been discarded?

This time, I investigated the current situation of Erocool once again.

The Current Situation of Erocool

First, I tried to access the traditional URL of Erocool,

Upon doing so,

Automatically generated textual description

The above text appeared on the page.

Searching for what Code 503 error means, I found that

Automatically generated textual description

came up. In other words, Erocool's server was temporarily closed, preventing access from outsiders.

Since it is written as "temporary," does this mean there is a possibility of Erocool's comeback?

At the moment, that possibility does not exist.

When searching for Erocool or Erocool on Google, only related articles can be seen. It seems that Erocool has been removed from search results.

Has the site been completely blocked?

Investigating the Reason for Erocool's Closure

I have investigated the reason for the closure of Erocool.

A Japanese manga artist named Maki Murakami has filed a DMCA claim in the United States court, stating that many pirate sites (nHentai, Erocool, etc.) have infringed on her copyright by unauthorized publication of her works.

Maki Murakami is a manga artist who, in addition to her work in commercial magazines, also runs a doujin circle and publishes creative works in doujinshi.

As a result, the sites that were sued were closed down. Erocool seems to be included in this category. Since Erocool and the like are originally pirate sites, it is not surprising that they are closed down for legal violations.

So, after the closure of Erocool, are there any other free erotic manga sites that can serve as alternatives?

The answer is clear. Before introducing alternative erotic manga sites akin to Erocool, if you wish to download adult animation and mature content from erotic video sites, I recommend KeepStreams Adult Downloader.

Erotic Video Downloader | KeepStreams

For downloading streaming videos from Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO Max, this is the ultimate solution.

What is KeepStreams Adult Downloader

KeepStreams Adult Downloader is a powerful video downloading software that supports hundreds of popular adult sites both domestically and internationally, such as Pornhub, FANZA, and ANIMEMBER. You can store all your favorite videos directly on your device and select from options like 4k, HD quality, and file formats like mkv and mp4.

How to Use KeepStreams

1Access 1 and download KeepStreams. KeepStreams is compatible with a variety of devices and systems, so you can also use it on a MAC.
2 Install KeepStreams and enter the interface.
3 On the KeepStreams screen, enter the URL of the video site in the built-in browser and search for the video you want to download.
4 Click "Download ready" on the top left of the viewing page to display a pop-up to play the video.
5 In the displayed window, select your desired music and image quality, then click the "Download Now" button. The download will start immediately. For batch downloads, click the "Add to queue" button to batch download!
6 Check the download progress of the video in the "Downloading" section.

10 Recommended Sites Similar to erocool

Next, I will introduce 10 sites that can be considered as alternatives to erocool, a free erotic manga site. All of these sites offer free erotic manga for easy enjoyment, but be cautious while browsing due to the presence of malicious advertisements on these free erotic manga sites.



The site, which can be considered as an alternative to erocool, is specialized in Hentai. You can read Hentai manga, doujinshi, and browse over 165,000 galleries for free. The site is a comprehensive resource for all things Hentai, with frequent updates, user-friendly features, and no apparent flaws in functionality.

2.My Erotic Book

> My Erotic Book

The site "My Erotic Book," as an alternative to erocool, is a huge erotic manga site with over 8000 free erotic manga publications. It covers a wide range of erotic genres, from mainstream works to SM, lesbians, taboo themes, and molestation. The search function is robust, making it easy to find specific manga titles or authors, providing great convenience to users.


> Buhidoh

The free erotic manga site Buhidoh, considered as an alternative to erocool, features a variety of erotic videos involving popular anime characters from series such as Brave Blue and Fate. The site showcases professionally drawn content that has been published in Japan, displaying remarkable artistic quality in both visuals and storytelling.


>, which ranks among the top illegal doujinshi sites, stores a vast collection of premium doujinshi manga that can be read for free. This relatively new site established in 2017 has gained significant popularity, attracting over 9 million visits monthly and continuing to grow in user engagement.

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