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E-Hentai Review: Is EHentai Worth Your Time in 2023?

| Adult Services |
Updated on Mar 31, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
E-Hentai is a great image platform that hosts millions of adult images that fulfill your sexual desire, and you can send those images to your partner to enjoy some sensual chat.

When words fall short, images can come to your rescue. Indeed! E-Hentai is one such website that hosts millions of images that help you convey your intimate desires and mood to your babes and beaus. If you don't want to simply text, you can visit E-Hentai galleries, pick an image that can show up your intentions, and send it. Don’t know what is E-Hentai? Read everything you should know about E-Hentai in this article.

What Is E-Hentai?

E-Hentai is a website that offers its users million tons of overtly sexual images and files to download and share with anyone online. Image galleries available on the official website are user-generated, the content of which focuses on pornography derived from Japanese anime, manga, doujinshi, and fanart-like magazines and video games. The word hentai itself means anime and manga pornography to satisfy an abnormal sexual desire or act rather than a specific media genre.

When it comes to hentai anime and manga porn stuff, E-Hentai is one of the biggest databases ever in this genre. 

What Is ExHentai?

ExHentai is a website that is related to E-Hentai. ExHentai was founded in 2010 to display artwork that is prohibited in some Japanese genres, such as lolicon and shoticon. Because of the age limits of the characters featured, certain genres are deemed prohibited. ExHentai was therefore established to segregate the material hosted in E-Hentai galleries from such artwork.

How Did E-Hentai Start?

On July 1, 1999, E-Hentai was established as a Yahoo Group. During two years, the band became popular. In 2001, in response to the group's growth, its owner Tenboro relocated the group to a website, ehentai net. In 2005, however, the .net domain ownership was canceled, and the website has since been accessible as under the .org domain.

Before, the website included various forms of anime, manga, and video game character porn photos; however, owing to demand from the advertisers' community, it has chosen to no longer offer any artwork. Thus, over 150,000 enormous EHentai galleries were discarded. Yet, they continued to work on the artwork. They kept doing so through a second website called ExHentai. Users must register an account with E-Hentai in order to access ExHentai content. Without a login on e hentai org, ExHentai content cannot be accessed.

Later in the year 2019, Google removed EHentai and ExHentai sites from its search engine due to the violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Running for around 20 years with flying colors, both the EHentai and ExHentai websites announced their closure. 

But that’s not the end of the journey started by Tenboro in 1999. Within 5 days of the shutdown of its websites, the platform relaunched ExHentai on August 2, 2019. 

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How Do E-Hentai and ExHentai Work?

All the content made available on the E-Hentai and ExHentai websites is uploaded by the users. These contents are 100% pirated and are uploaded without the prior consent obtained from the original creator. The owner of the website is an anonymous moderator whose public handle name is Tenboro. The website is backed by the funds earned through advertisement revenue and donations. It is estimated that the per year hosting cost of E-Hentai is nearly USD$46,000, out of which half of the cost is covered by donations.

Both the website E-Hentai and ExHentai offers content that is originally discovered from Japanese hentai manga. In addition, it also hosts fan-based translated and edited content in wide-ranging languages including its EHentai English, German, Korean, French, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, and Spanish versions. If we talk about the ranking of the website, it grabs the 264th position by the top-most commercial web traffic company, Alexa.

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Is It Worth Using E-Hentai in 2023?

E-Hentai is a very lesser-known community and a digital space that offers mind-blowing content based on Japanese anime. No doubt that since 1999 till date, E-Hentai has had a huge fan base and the biggest library of content. However, 2023 might be going to be a little tough as there is so much for users to consume on the Internet. So, if you are the one that often loves to see unique and rare comic porn manga and anime images, check out the following content to see whether E-Hentai is worth watching in the year 2023.

Let us begin with some positives. E-Hentai has one of the incredibly largest communities of users and fans worldwide. This sets it apart, and that's what drives it to provide even better service. Plus, it has a stunning NSFW (Not Safe For Work) collection that has to be seen only in private spaces. The website interface is well-organized and despite having a wide range of categories, it doesn’t look cluttered. All the categories and E-Hentai galleries are seen on the home page itself, thus saving you time to search different tabs. Customization is also possible with unlimited torrent downloads. And the best part is, it has mobile support to keep you unstoppable even on the go.

Talking about the negative marks, E-Hentai is an old-school website with outdated content. I mean, yes, the library of content is as huge as the ocean but it has been like that for years. No updates, no edits, and no new addition. Whatever is available is stale content. Also, users do not like the old and monotonous design of the website and the never-ending list of Japanese comments.

Altogether, if you have never experienced E-Hentai, 2023 is the year to give it a try. If you are familiar with such type of content and have visited the website already, sorry but then there is nothing to check out anything new in 2023. Hope you get my point!

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What Are the Best Alternatives of E-Hentai?

E-Hentai is an ancient and a kind of torrent website for watching porn. But for any reason, if you want to explore more manga and anime pornography content, you are not bound to E Hentai only. There are several options available, out of which, I have picked the 3 best alternatives of E-Hentai for you.


AgentRedGirl is another addition to the world of Japanese pornography. Its USP is the superb quality that users often miss on other similar websites. With mobile support, it has erected solid and hot futanari porn. AgentRedGirl lacks frequent updates and video quality can also improve to 4K.


As it also works with multimedia in the forms of music, video, and still photos, Futanarica may be considered a superior replacement for E-Hentai. The content gallery allows for high-quality downloads. Mobile browser support is available. Everything an average Internet user might want is there, and it's all subtitled in English. You may enjoy a wide variety of entertaining videos here, including those featuring lesbians, futanari, and more. 


Hanime is an American video-sharing website dedicated to hentai that may be seen online. The site features user-created films with an emphasis on animation, comedy, and games; visitors may upload, watch, and annotate movies. With Hanime, you can watch HD video on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Is It Possible to Download Porn from Streaming Sites?

Yes, it is fairly possible to download porn from porn websites but you cannot do it directly as porn platforms don’t allow it. For downloading, you will need third-party software like KeepStreams, which is able to download porn videos from any porn site within a few clicks.

Some of the great downloading features are added to KeepStreams that aid you greatly in downloading videos. Additionally, this downloader can download movies and videos from other OTT platforms as well.


In my opinion, E-Hentai is a nice website, if you want to download comics, fun anime, and sexy manga images. Although the collection is old and outdated, it has a wide variety of image content for you, which is enough to excite your senses beyond imagination.

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