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DramaCool Review: Pros, Cons, Safety, Legality, and Alternatives

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Updated on Jan 29, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading
Do you think DramaCool is one of the best sites? You may not know that its content is illegal. For legal DramaCool alternatives, read this guide and learn the best options for watching Asian shows.

Are you thinking of switching back to DramaCool after using all other platforms? You can! DramaCool is a viable option as it is a website that allows users to watch and share videos in real time.

After its launch, DramaCool instantly got the limelight and became popular among people who love to watch Asian and Korean dramas. Before using DramaCool, read this guide to see if it is safe. You will also come across some alternatives and KeepStreams, the best downloader to save content to watch without the internet.

What Is DramaCool?

DramaCool is one of the most popular websites for watching Asian dramas. With a massive library of different Asian movies, series, and TV shows, it allows you to enjoy your favorite show for free. The website's design is eye-catching, and the interactive interface makes it easy to navigate.

Above all, there are not tons of ads, pop-ups, and malware to disturb you. DramaCool is available in both website and application form, which you can download on your device from Google Play Store or Apple Store. It is also one of the fastest Asian drama websites, with around 50 million satisfied users.

Do you want to explore something new, go through review.

Is DramaCool Legal?

DramaCool is the ultimate destination for Asian content. Whether you are looking for a TV show, series, or movie, you can find everything here. However, it features many titles which are region or platform specific such as Netflix, Hotstar, and more. They do not have the right or permission to make it available legally and publically on their platform. It is a clear sign that it is not authorized and legal.

For the Asian content lover, DramaCool is the most reliable source of enjoying the content along with subtitles. If you select the DramaCool website, you should be cautious. As the content is illegal, it is against the law and even considered a crime in many countries to download pirated versions.

This situation becomes even scarier regarding illegal streaming websites because users might not be considered offenders, but owners are definitely. Therefore, be aware, DramaCool and similar websites can be hazardous.

What Are the Pros and Cons of DramaCool?

Like every other platform and application, DramaCool also has lots of benefits with a few drawbacks. Let's go through them to determine if it suits you.


  • It has a huge library featuring all Asian content, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean drama, and other Asian shows.
  • It is a free platform.
  • It has an easy-to-use and interactive interface.
  • It has a homogenous size of the content.
  • It has no pop-ups and annoying ads, which manifold the threat of malware.


  • The content available on the website is illegal.

Are There Any Legal Alternatives to DramaCool?

As you know, the content available on DramaCool is illegal. It is morally and ethically wrong to use it. There are many high-quality alternatives to choose from. You can pick one and stay away from legal problems. Here are some best alternatives to DramaCool.


Netflix is one of the best platforms with massive viewership. Although it is not specialized in Asian and Korean content, it has been adding more and more movies and dramas from Asia. It is not free, but it offers a free trial period with many features. You can use it for 30 days and decide if you want a subscription or not.


Like DramaCool, Dramania is a free streaming site with a huge library of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and other content. Its genre includes action, drama, romance, and anything you expect in these shows. Dramania allows users to sort the content according to country, subtitle language, genre, etc. You can watch many shows for free, but it is not available on Play Store.


While considering DramaCool alternatives, it is impossible not to ring DramaFever. Here you can find all latest and old episodes of the famous series. As all videos have English subtitles, people from all around the world can watch and understand Asian shows without any problem. It has many pop-ups, so you may have to get paid version to stay away from them.


Viu is another best alternative to DramaCool. However, it usually caters to the international audience of Asian dramas. Here you can find the most popular running and already watched series. Is it not very much similar to DramaCool? Yes! That is why it is the best alternative because the Viu app is also available on Play Store.


Viki is another viable option instead of DramaCool. Unlike all other applications, Viki owns other content but comes up with its subtitles. Hence, no matter which part of the earth you belong to, you will find compressible subtitles here. If you want to get uninterrupted service, you must get a subscription.

If you want to explore other streaming websites, you can go through 9anime review.

How to Download Videos from DramaCool or Alternate Sites?

Now you know the best alternative to DramaCool. You can consider them or still stick to DramaCool. No matter your choice, you will require a video downloader to save the content to watch without the internet. You can select KeepStreams Video Downloader.

KeepStreams is the best downloader that downloads high-quality content at the fastest speed. For downloading videos and shows, KeepStreams is a reliable source.

What Are the Features of KeepStreams?

Here are some noteworthy features of KeepStreams making it a worthwhile choice:

High-Quality Videos

If you are worried about losing quality, KeepStreams will watch out to ensure HD-quality content is available for offline watching.

Wide Range of Supported Websites

This video downloader supports around 600 streaming services which include Disney Plus, Hotstar, Netflix, and many more. Get one downloader and download videos from different platforms.

Batch Download

If you want to download a series and some episodes of a season, there is no need to select them one by one. KeepStreams allows you to select multiple videos and download them in a batch. After some time, all of them will be available for offline watching.

How to Use KeepStreams Video Downloader?

Follow these steps to download the series, show, or any video from different platforms:

  1. Get a hand on a compatible device and connect it with a stable internet connection.
  2. Download and install the KeepStreams video downloader from the official website.
  3. Once it is downloaded, open it and navigate to the services section.
  4. Select the streaming service and log in to your account.
  5. Select the video, make output adjustments, and hit the download button.

Once the process has been completed, you are all set to enjoy your show without the internet.

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DramaCool is the best platform to enjoy the latest and old Asian and Korean dramas. While enjoying limitless shows, you cannot forget that the content on this website is illegal. It is morally, ethically, and according to law, wrong to download pirated content. Therefore, you can select alternate platforms and download videos with KeepStreams. With this best video downloader, you can download shows of high quality and speed.

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