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tokyo-hot features and rate plans explained! How to save downloaded data to your PC without using

| Adult Services |
Updated on Aug 26, 2022 | 3 Minutes Reading
This article describes TOKYO-HOT's features and price plans. Lastly, we will show you how to download videos without the cost of download data.

TOKYO-HOT is a well-established adult service that has been in operation for 19 years, since its establishment in 2003. tokyo-hot boasts original and humiliating videos. This article describes TOKYO-HOT's features and pricing plans. Lastly, we will show you how to download videos without the cost of download data.

What are the features of TOKYO-HOT?

Plenty of humiliation videos

TOKYO-HOT's original videos are the best, and there is no other site that produces such classic humiliation videos as TOKYO-HOT. This is the greatest feature of TOKYO-HOT. Also, the quality of the actresses who appear in the humiliation videos is really good. Furthermore, TOKYO-HOT's humiliation videos support ultra-high quality and full HD. TOKYO-HOT is the only company that has ever made such thoroughly humiliating original videos before or since. We are bowled over by TOKYO-HOT's 15 years of making such serious mausoleum humiliation videos!

Fast download speed

If you join TOKYO-HOT, you can download videos distributed by TOKYO-HOT. For a 2GB video, it takes about 2 minutes to download. This makes TOKYO-HOT number one among the adult sites that offer the download function.


TOKYO-HOT's fee structure is divided into the following three categories.

  • Normal Plan
  • Double Download Plan
  • Daytime Plan (usage hours are limited to 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

Below is a look at each of these classifications.

Normal Plan

30 days 5,000 yen/day (6 conversations/day)

60 days 9,000 yen/day

90 days 13,000 yen 10 conversations per day

Double Download Plan

30 days 9,000 yen 12,000 yen/day

90 days 26,000 yen 20 yen/day

Daytime Plan

30 days with daytime discount 7,000 yen 12 conversations per day

Daytime Plan 60days 9980yen 16 conversations/day

90 days with daytime discount 13980 yen 20 yen/day

The cheapest 30-day membership has a download limit of 6GB per day, so you cannot download more than 6GB of video per day. Therefore, the regular 90-day plan is even more cost-effective.

After joining TOKYO-HOT, in addition to downloading content, you can watch streaming videos as much as you want.

The following is a summary of labels that support streaming distribution

  • TOKYO-HOT 2866 titles
  • SkyHigh 227 videos
  • Sokaku 10 videos
  • Shiroto Express Z 78 videos
  • Naked Angel 41
  • MistressLand 103
  • PassionXXX 228
  • Team Kimura Extra Edition 90
  • Urabimataro 1169
  • Queen8 32
  • JAV-XXX 140
  • Virtual Rabbit 5
  • MVG Productions 47
  • Harmony 48
  • Cherry Vision 56
  • PaPa Katsudo Bishojo 6
  • Syvia Sucker 10
  • 4 records of Mr. P, a sex photographer

Labels whose contents can only be downloaded

  • BABEL 80
  • Legend of Shima Shikou 128
  • OGANGO 66
  • Vrbangers 143
  • Gedo Soul 54
  • Fantastic Baby 162
  • 93 Urabideo 93
  • EMPIRE 15
  • Cross-Cultural Exchange with a Beautiful Hungarian Girl 76pcs

However, many of you may be troubled by the limitation of download data. It can be said that only about 2~3 videos can be downloaded each day, which is limited to a quantity that is not substantial and does not allow you to fully enjoy TOKYO-HOT. For this reason, there is software that makes it easy to download streaming videos without having to use the download data in your price plan. Here, we introduce KeepStreams.

How to download TOKYO-HOT videos with KeepStreams

Adult sites like TOKYO-HOT, AVFANTASY, MGS, AV Channel, etc. can download videos. However, there are various limitations to the download functionality of these adult sites. In general, downloaded adult videos will only play on a fixed video player; they cannot be downloaded to a PC; they may not be played on a PC with a PC; and they may not be played on a PC with a PC with a PC with a PC. With KeepStreams, you can download videos to your PC in full HD in MP4/MKV format. We recommend KeepStreams.

How to download movies from AV Channel (AV Channel), WS Player's alternative sof

AV Entertainment movies with DRM? Software Osos for downloadable videos.

How to download TOKYO-HOT videos with KeepStreams

1. first, download KeepStreams from the official KeepStreams website.

2. launch KeepStreams and enter TOKYO-HOT's official website URL in the built-in browser.


3. after accessing TOKYO-HOT's official website, enter the logo (KeepStreams' built-in browser has a cookie function, so you can register and log in to your account.)

4. After logging in, select the video you wish to download.

5. Click on the selected video to play this video.

6. Once you are on the playback page, a new pop-up window will appear. Select your desired video and audio quality, then click "Download.

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