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dougle's current status! Summarizing and explaining free erotic manga sites like dougle.

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Updated on May 27, 2024 | 5 Minutes Reading
This article summarizes the current status, dangers, coupon sites, and alternative legitimate sites of the free erotic manga site dougle.

Occasionally, feelings arise that make you think, "I want to release immediately with beautiful girls, large breasts, NTR, and married women's erotic comics." In such moments, the convenient choice is an erotic manga site. By bookmarking the most suitable erotic manga site beforehand, it is certain that your masturbation life will become even more fulfilling.

At such times, what came to mind was the free erotic manga site dougle. What is the current status of Dougle? Can it still be accessed? Has it been shut down?

Therefore, the author investigated the current situation of dougle.

In addition to Dougle, the author will introduce several free erotic manga sites that can be recommended!

Not only do they offer a vast array of titles, but they are also praised for being safe and user-friendly. Your search for masturbation material will be even more fruitful in the future!

What is the current status of dougle? Has it been shut down?

Dougle is a site for adult manga and doujinshi that can be read for free.

It offers a wide range of popular titles in various genres, including hardcore, high school students, animal ears, and maids.

As of now, the Dougle website is accessible as usual.

However, on a Q&A site, there was a question from a user who said they used Dougle but saw the message "This image is deleted" on the screen and could no longer access it.

It seems that some users have already lost access.

Of course, being an illegal free erotic manga site, there is a high possibility that it will be shut down in the future.

Reasons not to use dougle

There is significant danger in using the illicit site dougle, where erotic manga can be read for free. This danger stems from roughly three main points.

Could Personal Information Leak?!

The first reason is the potential for leakage of personal information.

Illicit sites prompt users to input personal information through various mechanisms such as:

  • Login screens for user registration
  • Forms for posting information
  • Screens encouraging the purchase of specific goods

If one mistakenly inputs personal information on a fraudulent site, there is a possibility that all the input information could be extracted.

To protect personal information, it is essential to refrain from inputting personal information on illicit sites.

Could Engaging in Illegal Activities?!

The second danger is that using illicit erotic manga sites like dougle could lead to criminal liability.

Illicit manga sites often display copyrighted works such as manga.

Uploading copyrighted works to websites without permission is a violation of copyright and constitutes illegal activity.

Moreover, downloading manga works onto computers or smartphones while being aware of their illegal posting is also considered illegal.

While viewing manga on illicit sites alone may not result in punishment, copyright laws are gradually being amended, which could lead to future penalties.

It is highly recommended to avoid using illicit websites and opt for safe ones whenever possible.

Could Fall Victim to Fraudulent Schemes?!

The third reason for the significant danger is the high potential to fall victim to fraudulent schemes.

Illicit manga sites display advertisements that redirect users to other websites, potentially exposing them to "one-click" fraud.

"One-click" fraud refers to a scam where users are informed, upon opening a website, that they have completed service registration and are unilaterally billed a substantial fee.

Disregarding this message may not lead to significant issues, but those unfamiliar with one-click fraud may feel uneasy and end up paying the demanded fees.

Please exercise caution and avoid clicking on suspicious ads or links to mitigate the risk of falling victim to fraudulent schemes.

List of Similar Cloned Erotic Manga Sites to dougle

Illegal manga sites often shut down when exposed, only to resurface with a new domain shortly afterward. As a result, there are numerous similar or cloned erotic manga sites to dougle in existence.

The author has compiled a list of such cloned erotic manga sites. It is advisable to be cautious and refrain from using them as much as possible.


Operational Status


My Erotic Books

In Operation


In Operation

2D Pocket

In Operation

Erotic Manga Night

In Operation

Daily Erotic Manga

In Operation

Erotic Manga Time

In Operation


In Operation

Roku Hentai

In Operation


In Operation


The Official Alternative to Dougle

Now, we present to you a ranking of official manga sites that can serve as a substitute for Dougle! We have carefully selected the top three free adult manga sites based on the number of works, quality, ratings, advertisements, and diversity of genres. Be sure to check them out.


Website Name

First Place

Erotic Manga Creator

Second Place

Manga Connoisseur

Third Place

FANZA Books Unlimited Reading (DMM.R18)

Erotic Manga Creator

On this high-quality erotic manga site, a wide range of genres such as young girls, housewives, and high school students are available, with a plethora of situations carefully managed for your convenience in finding your favorite genre.

The works and genres are neatly arranged, and the ads displayed on the screen are minimal, making it easy to use.

Manga Mastery

With over 15,000 unlimited manga available to read, it has become Japan's largest online comic site. Popular manga, romance manga, TL, BL, adult series, and a wide range of popular manga are fully covered. There are about 4000 erotic manga titles available, so you can indulge every day.

FANZA Books Unlimited Reading (DMM.R18)

This erotic manga-specific manga service is operated by the famous erotic content company FANZA. Since 2019, an unlimited reading service has been provided, allowing you to read your favorite erotic manga all the way to the end at once.

They currently offer an overwhelming selection of over 7000 erotic manga titles. New releases are updated weekly, making it ideal for enriching your manga time.

What happens when you download adult videos from FANZA?

"FANZA" stands as Japan's largest adult video site, offering a plethora of genres including popular AV actresses, amateurs, and married women. It is not an overstatement to say that with "FANZA," there is no need for any other adult video as the content is incredibly abundant.

Nevertheless, what should one do after downloading purchased, rented, or subscription-based content on "FANZA"?

Here, we recommend a software specialized in downloading free and paid adult videos—KeepStreams, an adult-oriented downloader. [Compatible with Windows and MAC]

KeepStreams, an adult downloader, allows you to download videos from 1000+ free and paid adult video streaming services/sites such as FANZA, MGS, hey動画, pornhub, XNXX, all in one downloader.

You can save adult videos in their original quality! They can be saved in MP4 format, allowing for easy conversion to mobile devices, televisions, and gaming consoles. [Upon joining KeepStreams now, you can download up to 3 videos without time or quality restrictions.]


This article comprehensively explains the current situation, risks, clone sites, and legitimate alternatives of the free erotic manga site dougle. Continuously using illegal erotic manga sites like Dougle may lead to potential damages such as personal information leaks or virus infections. Therefore, it is advisable to refrain from using illegal manga sites.

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